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Bennett Winch SC Holdall

ASP 9mm

Original ASP 9mm

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New ASP 9mm
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More than just a simple novelty in James Bond's arsenal is the ASP, which replaced his famous Walther PPK as his favorite sidearm during the later 1980s novels written by John Gardner and up through the mid 1990s novels GoldenEye and Cold.

The ASP is virtually an ideal pistol for James Bond since it was specifically tailored for the purpose of conceal carry as well as tactical combat. The ASP's real life history affirms it's portrayal in the Bond novels as well since it was originally created under special request of the FBI for use by their undercover agents during the 1970s. Even today the ASP is still considered by some firearm experts and connoisseurs to be the pinnacle of deep cover hand guns.

For more information about the ASP and the recent attempt to bring it back, read the complete article about the ASP9mm written by E.ODonnell.


ASP 9mm manual (5Mb, PDF)

LEC article on ASP (5Mb, PDF)

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Sweet weapon! Thanks, man. Have to check that one out.
We got ours about a year ago now. Came with the original box and paperwork, including advertising materials. Came with every grip option including the buffalo horn, spare sight, 5 magazines, and the original Ken Null leather. Yes, that means 2 of the patented, magnetic magazine carriers.
I have one in mint condition, supposedly never fired, for sale if anyone is interested.
I have an original ASP built by Paris Theodore and a Quest for Excellence complete set both unfired. The ASP helped pave the way for compact carry guns!

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