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Riffe Euro E-55 speargun

Riffe Euro E-55 speargun
Riffe Euro E-55 speargun
photo © Riffe
photo © misc
Behind the scenes images of Daniel Craig as James Bond, wielding a Riffe speargun.
photo © misc

photo © Riffe
Anatomy of a speargun
photo © Riffe

James Bond uses a Riffe E-55 speargun in No Time To Die (2021) and also owns a pair of Riffe fins.

The speargun was spotted in early spy shots from the set and on more promotional photos for the film.

The Riffe speargun appears briefly in the final film when Bond walks on the deck from the Spirit Yacht to his house in Jamaica.

The exact model seems to be the Riffe E-55 speargun from Riffe's Euro Series, where 55 refers to the length of the weapon, but the same model is available in several bigger/longer sizes (E-75, E-90, E-100, E-110, E-120).

The speargun used by Bond has a black butt end (end of the gun), but note that the same speargun is also offered with a red butt (see for example Riffe spearguns on eBay).

The Riffe Euro 55 is available at the official Riffe website for $563.

Ian Fleming and speargun / harpoon gun

Spearguns were used by Ian Fleming himself when he was diving in Jamaica. And like many things, he integrated his personal experiences in his novels.

Harpoons and spearguns are mentioned in the Ian Fleming stories Thunderball, RisicoLive And Let Die and The Hildebrand Rarity.

In Live And Let Die, harpoon guns are mentioned several times in the book, and harpoon guns are used by Bond and Quarrel to shoot a large barracuda and the harpoon gun is used by Bond to save his life.

"There was a new and powerful Champion harpoon gun and a commando dagger of the type devised by Wilkinsons during the war."
Ian Fleming - Live And Let Die

In The Hildebrand Rarity short story, Bond is fishing for a stingray in "Belle Anse near the southernmost tip of Mahe, the largest island in the Seychelles group, was glassy calm."

"Bond had a Champion harpoon-gun with double rubbers. The harpoon was tipped with a needle-sharp trident – a short-range weapon, but the best for reef work."
Ian Fleming - The Hildebrand Rarity

Spearguns appear in many other Bond films, including the famous underwater battle scenes in Thunderball (also with trident tips, as mentioned in The Hildebrand Rarity), in The Spy Who Loved MeFor Your Eyes OnlyNever Say Never Again and Licence to Kill.

Complete the look

The other pieces of Bond's No Time To Die casual fishing outfit in Jamaica are the new Omega Seamaster 300M No Time To Die model, a grey Orlebar Brown shirt and blue shorts by Jed North and also a pair of Riffe fins.

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