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3M Peltor H61FA British Army Ear Defenders

photo © Peltor
3M Peltor H61 earmuffs
photo © Peltor

The H61FA version seen in the film has writing on the earpieces, similar to these examples.

photo © Peltor
Folded 3M Peltor H61 earmuffs.
photo © Peltor

In the movie SkyFall (2012), James Bond (Daniel Craig) uses a pair of green 3M Peltor H61FA British Army earmuffs at the indoor shooting range.

The Peltor H61FA is a passive hearing protector designed for different military conditions: military noise from handheld weapons and vehicles during combat and shooting exercises. The H61 is a lightweight, slimline range that has been developed for portability, storage and optimum fit. The earmuffs have a low profile to fit under ballistic helmets and feature wide comfortable sealing rings filled with fluid and foam to provide optimum sealing and low contact pressure. The stainless steel wire band provides constant pressure over time.

The earmuffs in the film have the yellow writing below the logo on the side.

These Peltors can still be found in many UK based military shops, but then they are usually used and might have been marked with names and numbers.

SkyFall Workout outfit
James Bond wears blue Adidas Gazelle 2 shoes, blue jogging pants, a blue shirt and blue army training jacket with his 3M Peltor earmuffs.

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