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Stern reveals four new James Bond Pinball Machines

22 September, 2022

Stern Pinball has released a new series of James Bond pinball machines, based on the Sean Connery 007 films.

stern pinball james bond 007 editions

The Stern Pinball James Bond 007 cornerstone series features the original 007 actor, Sean Connery, available in Pro Edition, Premium Edition, Limited Edition and 60th Anniversary Edition.

Three of the new pinball machines are inspired by the movies Dr. No, From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice and Diamonds Are Forever. The fourth model, celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the franchise including all 25 films and Bonds, villains and henchmen, will be revealed soon.

Stern Pinball is the world’s largest and oldest pinball machine manufacturer and makes their arcade-quality games in the USA.

The four James Bond pinball machines are:

- the Pro Edition with a Dr. No design; $6,999

stern pinball Pro Edition Dr No

dr no pro pinball james bond stern

- the Premium Edition with You Only Live Twice elements; $9,699

stern pinball Premium Edition You Only Live Twice

- the Limited Edition with Thunderball elements, limited to 1,000 models; $12,999

stern pinball Limited Edition Thunderball

- the 60th Anniversary Limited Edition machine, with just 500 being made; contact Stern for price (design will be revealed soon).

Each pinball machine includes iconic moments and locations from the films.

james bond jetpack pinball machine

For example, the player can gather gadgets from Q Branch as pinballs get ejected through the roof of a custom sculpted Aston Martin DB5.

aston martin db5 james bond 007 pinball machine

The Aston Martin DB5 opens its roof to take the ball

Break through the Osato Chemicals drop targets to battle SPECTRE at the Bird 1 rocket base.

007 james bond pinball machine spectre birdman ball drop

Lead Designer, George Gomez, Stern’s Chief Creative Officer and EVP discusses his inspiration for this new era of 007 pinball on the website.

"Bond has a history with pinball – there were games in the ‘80s and ‘90s based on Moonraker and GoldenEye. But I wanted to celebrate the original genre-defining films: the movies that built the legend. This is my James Bond. My aunt took me and a buddy to see Goldfinger in 1965 when I was 10: big theatre, marquee lights, red velvet seats. She dropped us off with popcorn and candy money and told us that she had seen it and we would love it. We called her from a pay phone in the lobby after the first showing and told her we’d like to stay to see it again. We did. Cool aunt – I’ve dedicated the game to her in the credit roll."

james bond 007 pinball machine

The James Bond pinball machines are inspired by the Sean Connery 007 movies

Watch the video to see the Pro game features:

The Premium Edition includes Thunderball‘s jetpack and underwater fight scene… hold your breath on the gravity-defying magnetic jetpack as it transports pinballs across the playfield.

Watch the video to see the Premium game features:

Players can also track progress, earn achievements and connect with other machine owners across the world with Stern's Insider Connected system.

Other James Bond pinball machines

These are not the first official Bond pinball machines. In the 1990s, SEGA released a GoldenEye pinball machine (read more here).

GoldenEye pinball machine


See the new pinball machines in action

The new James Bond 007 pinball machines will be on show for the first time to media and public in London.

pinball machine james bond editions 2022 stern

On September 26th the games will be on display and available to play as part of the Bond-themed Christie’s Late, a public event celebrating the forthcoming Christie’s Sixty Years of James Bond Charity Auction. Shortly after, they will be a part of the James Bond at 60 weekend at the British Film Institute on the South Bank, September 30th-October 2nd.

James Bond 007 pinball machines and accessories are available now through authorized Stern Pinball distributors and dealers around the world.

The Pro Edition (£6,250.00 / $6,999) and Premium Edition (£8,595.00 / $9,699) are also available at (US delivery only) and the Limited Edition can be found on eBay.

See more photos of each edition on the Stern website.

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