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Penfold releases new Hearts golf ball

16 October, 2020

Penfold has released a new version of the classic Penfold Hearts golf ball, the ball famous for appearing in the James Bond novel and film Goldfinger.

Penfold Heart golf ball release 2020

The new Penfold Hearts golf ball

The new ball features the latest Penfold logo and the heart has a darker, more vintage looking color red and new packaging, compared to the previous version launched in 2008.

In 2008, Penfold re-released the Penfold Hearts, including an Ian Fleming Limited Edition, on which I reported here on Bond Lifestyle. The set and ball as released at the time were sold until now, and are now replaced with the new version with vintage packaging and dark red Heart.

Both the 2008 and 2020 version have the Penfold logo with script font, which is not the same logo as would be used by Sean Connery in the film.

Penfold Hearts golf ball compare vintage and new 2020

Compare the old ball that would have been used by James Bond (left) with the new Penfold Heart
photos © Jeremy Freeman / Penfold

The 2020 edition of the Penfold Heart golf ball has new specs: a 3-piece dual ionomer, dynamic core, for longer distance and softer feel.

Penfold Hearts golf ball hand 2020

The new Penfold Hearts golf ball
photo © Penfold / Jeremy Freeman

The cover is a 332 multi-sized dimple design, providing the high launch angle and harmonized apex, whilst the all NEW Procyber cover material is a very thin and soft Ionomer resin - giving an improved spin rate and maximum durability.

The middle layer is made from Dupont’s Ionomer resin compound allows maximum feel and performance around the greens.

The dynamic, large sized core, with the latest technology in rubber compound, provides high resilient impact power creating long distances off the tee.

The packaging has also been updated with now a darker red and more vintage design.

Penfold Hearts packaging vintage style

The Penfold Hearts golf ball comes in new, vintage looking packaging
photo © Penfold / Jeremy Freeman

Penfold Golf packaging new red hearts

Watch the new promotional video for Penfold:

Penfold Heart (Red) has been an icon in golf history since Penfold was established in 1927. When founder A.E.Penfold set up his company, the goal was simple - produce the worlds best golf ball with unique markings in line with Penfold’s flair and creativity.

A Penfold Hearts is mentioned in the Ian Fleming novel Goldfinger (read more) and a Penfold Hearts was also used by James Bond (Sean Connery) in the movie Goldfinger during the famous golf match at Stoke Park. In the film, Bond wears a Slazenger sweater while Auric Goldfinger plays with Slazenger balls.

Penfold has also released a new range of Penfold Heart accessories, including golf gloves and matching golf tees with a hearts logo on top.

Penfold Heart golf tees ball

New Penfold Hearts golf tees with heart on top

The new Penfold Heart ball is now available in a set of four dozen balls on the Penfold Golf USA website ($28) or UK/EU website (£25).

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