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Jany Temime SkyFall and SPECTRE costumes on display

29 September, 2015

During the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht, The Netherlands, the town hall features a small exhibition of movie costumes by Dutch-French costume designer Jany Temime. On display are three costumes from SkyFall and two costumes from the upcoming movie SPECTRE.

spectre skyfall jany temime suits utrecht dutch film festival

SPECTRE costumes on display in Utrecht, The Netherlands
photo by Merlijn Kuiper / JBCN

SPECTRE costumes
The two already famous SPECTRE costumes on display are the ivory dinner jacket with red carnation and white dinner shirt worn by James Bond (Daniel Craig), and the Dusty Green Ghost Salma dress worn by Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux). Read more about the Ghost Salma dress.

spectre suits jany temime suits utrecht dutch film festival

SPECTRE costumes from James Bond and Madeleine Swann
photo by Merlijn Kuiper / JBCN

Bond's ivory tuxedo jacket and white shirt are made by Tom Ford.

tom ford tuxedo white spectre

Tom Ford ivory tuxedo jacket, shirt, cufflinks and bowtie
Photo by Allard Geerlings / JBCN

The shirt of Bond's costume even has the round black cufflinks with JB initials, as spotted earlier in one of the earliest spy photos of the filming of a SPECTRE scene in London (see here).

JB cufflinks spectre

Round JB Cufflinks on the white shirt worn with the Tom Ford tuxedo
photo by Allard Geerlings

spectre white tuxedo tom ford

Tom Ford ivory tuxedo jacket, white shirt and red carnation
photo by Allard Geerlings

Crockett Jones Alex black spectre skyfall

Crockett & Jones Alex shoes worn by Bond with his tuxedo in both SPECTRE and SkyFall
photo by Allard Geerlings

Both these costumes can be seen in the train scene in Morocco and on the SPECTRE posters and artwork.

poster Spectre dinner suit and ghost dress

SPECTRE standee

SkyFall costumes
The SkyFall costumes on display include a dark blue Tom Ford dinner suit worn by James Bond (Daniel Craig) in the Macau casino scene in SkyFall.

skyfall suits jany temime utrecht film festival

SkyFall suits at the exhibition in Utrecht
photo by Allard Geerlings

The Swarovski crystal studded dress designed by Jany Temime, worn by Bérénice Marlohe in the Macau casino scene in SkyFall.

skyfall severine dress jany temime

Severine's dress, designed by Jany Temime

Silva's (Javier Bardem) light jacket, made by made by tailor Thom Sweeney, and Prada shirt worn in the Dead City (Hashima Island) scene in SkyFall.

silva suit skyfall

Silva's SkyFall suit
photo by Merlijn Kuiper

Thanks to this exhibition we can now see that Silva wears Jeffery-West Brown Chelsea Brogue Boots (and thanks to sruzgar for the ID).

Silva brown leather shoes skyfall

Jeffery-West Brown Chelsea Brogue Boots worn by Silva in SkyFall
photo by Merlijn Kuiper / JBCN

Other items that can be admired include a cape from Dutch period drama Hoogste Tijd, and the ski suit from Bridget Jones.

jany temime interview vpro

Jany Temime (right) at the exhibition in Utrecht
photo by VPRO

Jany Temime designed the costumes for Dutch films as Ciske de Rat and the Oscar winners Antonia and Karakter. Temime now lives in London where she became famous for her work including Gravity, SkyFall and six Harry Potter films.

The exhibition is free and open from Wednesday, September 23rd through Friday, October 2nd, 2015 between 10:00 and 17:00 in the lobby of City Hall at Korte Minrebroederstraat 2, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Dutch cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema, who worked as DOP on SPECTRE, will also attend the Dutch Film Festival.

Thanks to James Bond Club Nederland for the photos


Great pics!!! Somebody ask Jany who makes the "Mr White" jacket that Bond wears and the teaser poster trousers :)

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