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James Bond: World of Espionage mobile game now available

01 October, 2015

Glu Mobile Inc. today announced the availability of ‘James Bond: World of Espionage’ on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and on Google Play.

james bond world of espionage mobile game 1

Developed in partnership with MGM Interactive Inc. and Danjaq LLC, ‘James Bond: World of Espionage’ immerses players in the Bond universe of strategy and intelligence. A multiplayer game – players must think strategically and make tactical decisions to recruit, train and deploy agents around the globe. Extensive social features including PvP, real-time chat, guilds, leaderboards, and events offer players an innovative way to compete against and play alongside others.

james bond world of espionage mobile game 2

Featuring over 100 real-world actors and models as agents and villains, the game’s photo-realistic style illustrates a vivid and engaging portrait of the Bond universe. Sophisticated graphics and CGI-inspired user-interface offer a highly compelling mobile gaming experience.

“We’re tremendously proud to deliver the first free-to-play mobile game for undoubtedly the most storied film franchise in history,” said Niccolo de Masi, Glu Chairman and CEO. “I believe our innovative approach to creating a game with its own authentic cast and narrative will resonate with fans of James Bond films and Glu games alike.”

james bond world of espionage mobile game 4

Inspired by the rich history, themes, characters, and narratives of the franchise, ‘James Bond: World of Espionage’ offers players the opportunity to experience the Bond universe. Players assume the role of Controller of their very own intelligence agency and work to take on the coveted role of “M,” head of MI6 HQ in London and protect the world from mass destruction. In order to achieve that goal, players must recruit agents and develop their skills through training and the completion of surveillance and resolution missions. Players must, drive fantastic cars, and defeat treacherous villains as they deploy James Bond and other secret agents around the globe.

james bond world of espionage mobile game 6

Features of James Bond: World of Espionage
Build Your MI6 Faction – Find, recruit, and develop top agents with unique talents. Level them up through training to increase their skills and combine them with other agents on the team to take advantage of each agent’s ability. Complete Covert Operations – Travel around the globe completing covert missions and confronting top villains. Ensure you have the best team assigned for the mission at hand, be it regular Field Missions or special Secret Operations objectives.

Use Advanced Gear – Provide agents with advanced gear to increase their stats like Gadgets, Vehicles, Clothes, and Weapons. Find new items and materials and use them to craft special gear in the Q-Lab for even better bonuses.

james bond world of espionage mobile game 2

Become the Top Agency – Battle other agencies for supremacy in Alliance Wars or, if you prefer, compete in limited time events for world domination as you work to propel your agency to the top of the standings.

james bond world of espionage mobile game 5

‘James Bond: World of Espionage’ is available for free from the App Store:

James Bond: World of Espionage on iPhone

James Bond: World of Espionage on iPad

Or download on the Google Play store.

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