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George Lazenby in ad for The Melbourne Gin Company and new audiobook Passport to Oblivion

08 November, 2019

James Bond actor George Lazenby turned 80 this year but is still active: he recently appeared in a new advertising campaign for The Melbourne Gin Company and he is the voice of a spy in the new audiobook Passport to Oblivion.

George Lazenby ad Melbourne Gin tuxedo

George Lazenby in the new ad campaign for Melbourne Gin Company
photo by Albert Comper

Melbourne Gin Company

George Lazenby was asked by fellow Aussie Andrew Marks from The Melbourne Gin Company to step back into a tuxedo for a promotional campaign for the brand.

George Lazenby Gin Melbourne Andrew Marks

George Lazenby during the photoshoot for the new ad campaign for Melbourne Gin Company, with company founder Andrew Marks

The Melbourne Gin Company was started in 2009 by winemaker Andrew Marks. The Melbourne Gin Company is an independent distillery with an artisan production approach. Their gin range is hand crafted, batch distilled and non chill filtered.

George Lazenby Melbourne Gin ad

George Lazenby in the new ad campaign for Melbourne Gin Company
photo by Albert Comper

For more information about The Melbourne Gin Company, visit their official website.

George Lazenby Melbourne Gin ad 3

George Lazenby in the new ad campaign for Melbourne Gin Company
photo by Albert Comper

George Lazenby Melbourne Gin advertisement promo page

The ad reads: "Saying no to being Bond, because you'd rather be you? That's the spirit."

Passport to Oblivion

And there is more news about George Lazenby: he will once again play a spy, but this time in an audiobook. Lazenby is the voice of the protagonist Dr. Jason Love in Passport to Oblivion.

Passport to Oblivion George Lazenby

George Lazenby's likeness is also used on the poster/cover art for Passport to Oblivion
Photo © Spiteful Puppet

Dr. Jason Love is a reluctant hero in the series of internationally bestselling books (published in nineteen languages), which began with Passport to Oblivion. Author James Leasor’s ten novels have an established fan base worldwide yet have never been adapted for audio… until now.

Lazenby is well cast as Dr. Jason Love who made his home in the UK from Australia after seeing action in WWII and now resides in Somerset as a contentedly middle-aged country practitioner. Then, with the promise of a rare sports car as his reward (his passion outside of medicine), Jason Love undertakes a seemingly insignificant rendezvous for MI6 that changes his quiet country life forever.

Passport to Oblivion studio George Lazenby

George Lazenby in the recording studio with fellow actors Glynis Barber and Terry Molloy.

The audiobook also stars Glynis Barber, Terence Stamp and Nickolas Grace, and is available from November 25th 2019.

(Pre-)order the audiobook at the publisher's website or read more on the official George Lazenby website.

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