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Forever and a Day UK cover art revealed

03 March, 2018

Ian Fleming publications and Penguin Random House have revealed the UK hardback cover for Anthony Horowitz’s second Bond novel Forever and a Day.

anthony horowitz forever and a day cover UK penguin random house

A few weeks ago the title of the book was announced with a teaser image.

The UK cover shows a French Riviera setting with a luxury yacht speeding throught he water, doubling as a bullet shooting from a gun (which is shown on the back of the cover).

anthony horowitz forever and a day cover UK penguin random house back front

Cover art video:

The new novel Forever and a Day by Anthony Horowitz once again (just like Trigger Mortis) features unpublished material from Ian Fleming and is a prequel to Fleming's first Bond novel Casino Royale. To celebrate this, Vintage UK will release a new paperback edition of Casino Royale with a special introduction by Anthony Horowitz.

Casino Royale Vintage UK 2018 release paperback

Forever and a Day will be released on May 31st 2018 in the UK, but is available for pre-order now on

The book will be released later this year in the US (November 6 according to Amazon, available for pre-order here), and release dates for other countries will be announced soon.

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