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Corgi launches James Bond Aston Martin DB10 1:36 scale

24 February, 2016

The Aston Martin DB10 from SPECTRE is now available as a Corgi 1:36 scale model. Bond Lifestyle takes a closer look at this officially licensed model.

Aston martin db10 model corgi

Driven by the success of the Anniversary edition of the company's iconic Corgi Aston Martin DB5, the new 1:36 scale Hornby Hobbie's Corgi James Bond Aston Martin DB10 model launches this month in the UK, coincoding with the UK release of SPECTRE on DVD and Blu-ray. The model will be available next month in the USA.

The Aston Martin DB10 CC08001 1:36 scale die-cast vehicle comes in a SPECTRE-blue box, decorated with 007 gun logo, SPECTRE logo and Corgi logo on the front.

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Corgi Aston Martin DB10 1 36 box front

The back of the packaging shows the features of this model: "Autehntic opening and clusing doors" and Detailed wheels with low profile rubber tyres".

Corgi Aston Martin DB10 1 36 box back

The complete text on the back reads: "In 'Spectre', the 24th James Bond film, a cryptic message from the past sends Bond on a rogue mission to Mexico City and eventually on to Rome, where his new Aston Martin DB10 is involved in a high speed chase with a Jaguar C-X75 through the city’s streets and along the banks of the Tiber.  As Bond ventures towards the heart of the sinister organisation known as Spectre, he learns of a chilling connection between himself and the enemy he seeks.

Bond first received an Aston Martin DB5 in the 1964 film Goldfinger and this 1:36 scale die-cast replica model of the DB10 celebrates a relationship that has endured for over half a century."

The car is mounted on a carton base, fixed with a scew at the bottom that can easily be removed by hand. The doors are closed with transparent tape. It would have been nice to see a Rome background scene printed on the base, but instead it's a plain, grey grid illustration on the carton.

Corgi Aston Martin DB10 1 36 box open

The sleek lines of the DB10 are replicated nicely, and for a 1:36 scale model the body is quite detailed.

Corgi Aston Martin DB10 1 36 front 3

Nice details are the black bottom part of the side mirrors, and the front splitter and rear diffuser. Hard to see on the images, but the air vents on the front hood are replicated (a series of small holes in the original car, which cools the engine, see an image here).

Corgi Aston Martin DB10 1 36 front 2

The wheels are detailed, with nice sharp lines of the rims, low profile rubber tyres, and a tiny Aston Martin badge in the center of the wheel. The disc brakes and brake pads are just visible, although not as detailed as the rims.

Corgi Aston Martin DB10 1 36 back

The car has a grey metallic paint, and Aston Martin badges on the front and back

Corgi Aston Martin DB10 1 36 back 2

The licence plate DB10 AGB is printed on the black palstic bumper, so probably it will last longer than a sticker would.

Corgi Aston Martin DB10 1 36 bottom

The bottom of the car reads "Corgi James Bond Aston Martin DB10".

Corgi Aston Martin DB10 1 36 left

The doors of the car can be opened. A downside is that this leaves quite a large space between the doors and the body in closed position.

Corgi Aston Martin DB10 1 36 top open

The DB10 has beautiful lines, well repliated in the Corgi 1:36 scale model.

Corgi Aston Martin DB10 1 36 top side open

Opening the doors allows for a better view on the interior, which is quite basic, all black plastic, but it gives enough detail to distinguish it as the DB10 interior.

Corgi Aston Martin DB10 1 36 interior

The steering wheel is not round, but flat at the bottom, just like in the real car.

Corgi Aston Martin DB10 1 36 interior 2

A nice feature is that the doors open a bit upwards, similar to how the doors the Aston Martin DB10 (and some other recent Astons) open.

aston martin db10 corgi side

For £19.99 (or $29.99) the model is a nice addition to a Bond collection without breaking the bank, from a brand that made one of the most popular modelcars in history, the classic Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger (also still available for £19.99 or $29.99).

If you want more action, then get the Scalextric SPECTRE set (£129.99) which includes a slightly larger 1:32 scale Aston Martin DB10 and a Jaguar C-X75.

If you're looking for a really detailed DB10 model, Hot Wheels will release a 1:18 Hot Wheels Elite version later this year - but expect to pay around £180 for that model.

Complete the DB10 car collection with a DB10 keychain, available at the 007 shop for £9.99.

Scalextric and Corgi offer you achance to win the DB10 and DB5 models and a Scalextric SPECTRE set. Enter the contest on the Scalextric website before March 3rd.

Get the Corgi Aston Martin DB10 1:36 scale model online at for £19.99 or pre-order it in the USA for $29.99, or try and

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What are the dimensions of this car? I have a Corgi DB5 and DBS from Casino Royale, and I'd get this if they are all the same scale. Thanks! Bob

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