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Bond uses Walther PPS in Carte Blanche

25 May, 2011

According to an excerpt of the upcoming novel Carte Blanche in The Times, James Bond will be using a Walther PPS gun.

walther ppsThe Walther PPS (Polizeipistole Schmal or Police Pistol Short) is a semi-automatic pistol, first shown in 2007. A successor to the legendary Walther PPK, Bond's choice of weapon in most of the films. It's a slim polymer framed weapon of similar size to the Walther PPK. The PPS comes in 9mm and S&W 40. The 9mm version features magazines of 6, 7 and 8 round lengths so the shooter can customize the grip to his or her hand size and concealment needs. The .40 S&W comes with 5 & 6 round magazines (7 round available).

Features of the PPS include: Ambidextrous Magazine Release, Two Magazine Sizes (Third Optional), Loaded Chamber & Cocking Indicators, Small & Large Backstrap, Trigger Safety, Internal Striker Safety, Walther QuickSafe Safety

Excerpts from the novel Carte Blanche can be read on The Times website (subscription necessary)

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