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Walther P99 from Tomorrow Never Dies on auction

17 August, 2023

Julien’s Auctions will offer a Walther P99 pistol prop used in Tomorrow Never Dies in the “Legends: Hollywood & Royalty" auction on 7 - 9 September 2023.

Pierce Brosnan Walther P99 Tomorrow Never Dies

Pierce Brosnan as James Bond using a Walther P99 in Tomorrow Never Dies
photo © MGM, Danjaq

James Bond uses this type of firearm throughout the film, replacing the iconic PPK, PP, and P5's that had been used in previous James Bond films.

A Walther P99 first appears in the film when Bond chooses it from Wai Lin's (Michelle Yeoh) armory in Saigon. Bond mentions, "Ah the new Walther, I asked Q to get me one of these."

Walther P99 from Tomorrow Never Dies on auction prop

This Walther P99 P.A.K. blank firing pistol features the serial number “B8041852” and is 9mm with a 3 – 7/8” barrel. This pistol features a blue finish with factory molded grips.

Walther P99 from Tomorrow Never Dies on auction grip

Condition is considered to be “very good” with wear to the high points of the slide, as well as the slide release showing loss of finish and minor scratching.

The action of the pistol cycles smoothly and the firing pin has been removed. The magazine has been plugged with a steel rod which has been modified to accept only one round at a time.

Walther P99 from Tomorrow Never Dies on auction side

This iconic pistol had been rented by Eon Productions during the production of the film from Bapty & Co., a supplier of weapons and props. This is one of only eleven PAK pistols that were rented for the film. According to 007 The Armoury (page 82-85), "the only modification was to blank out the white factory engravings to better match the all-black appearance of the two 'hero' firearms." 

Walther P99 from Tomorrow Never Dies on auction 007 The Armoury

The P99 is accompanied by a DVD of the film and copy of 007 The Armoury, a book listing this pistol's serial number as one of the exact firearms issued to the production company during filming.

During the auction Julien’s Auctions and Turner Classic Movies (TCM) are presenting over 1,400 iconic objects synonymous with Hollywood’s greatest legends and the world’s most famous cultural figures of all time.

“Legends: Hollywood & Royalty" will be taking place live from September 6th - 8th in Beverly Hills, CA and online.

Read more on the Julien's Auctions website.

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