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007 Magazine ‘Goldfinger portfolio’ 350-page Limited Edition steelbook

20 November, 2014

Graham Rye, editor, designer and publisher of the 007 Magazine, has released a 350-page Limited Edition 'Goldfinger' steelbook, which includes more than a 1000 images, call sheets, sketches, press releases and much more.

goldfinger portfolio steelbook

Goldfinger is without doubt one of the most famous, iconic and memorable of all the James Bond films, and on its release in 1964 it set movie screens alight around the world with a heady cocktail of creativity that became an entertainment phenomenon; from its glittering opening credit titles designed by Robert Brownjohn, accompanied by Shirley Bassey belting out its brassy main title theme written by John Barry, Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley, through to the corpse of an unfortunate woman painted gold, a man with a deadly steel-rimmed flying hat, an Aston Martin DB5 ‘with modifications’, a Bond Girl whose feline name caused much trepidation, death by laser beam, a larger than life villain with the Midas touch, and the golden gleaming cathedral-like interior of Fort Knox, as imagined by brilliant Production Designer Ken Adam – with all these elements its hardly surprising that the heady concoction that is Goldfinger impressed so many in 1964, and now, 50 years later, remains a popular evergreen entertainment for successive generations of film fans and Bond enthusiasts alike.

The portfolio is limited to 350 pieces. Each individually numbered copy (from 001 to 00350) of the ‘Goldfinger portfolio’ steelbook comes wrapped in gold tissue paper in its own sturdy individual mailing box.

goldfinger portfolio steelbook 2

The ‘Goldfinger portfolio’ is a 350-page metal covered celebration of everything that is representative of this great film and is packed with over 1,000 images from the 007 Magazine Archive with detailed informational photo captions throughout, and also includes:goldfinger steelbook cover

  • Call Sheets
  • Documents
  • Press Releases
  • Blueprints
  • Ken Adam Sketches
  • Press Ads
  • Contact Sheets
  • UK Front of House sets
  • Complete UK Exhibitors’ Campaign Book
  • Many never-before-seen images
    – including two scenes shot but cut from the film and featured in the portfolio for the first time anywhere!

goldfinger portfolio steelbook 3

The portfolio features several, all-new interviews with the Goldfinger Girls Nadja Regin, Margaret Nolan, Shirley Eaton – and the ‘voice of the Bond Girls’, Nikki van der Zyl.

Articles include:

  • The Goldfinger titles – Brownjohn hits it out of the park (by Luke Williams)
  • Goldfinger – the classic James Bond score by John Barry (by Geoff Leonard & Pete Walker)
  • An Oscar From Cutting Room 30 (by Oscar-Winning Dubbing Editor Norman Wanstall)

Order the Goldfinger portfolio steelbook on
Delivery will start on December 19th 2014.

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