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Wooden shaving bowl

photo © Geo. F. Trumper
Geo. F. Trumper Eucris bowl with shaving soap
photo © Geo. F. Trumper

photo © Jon
Original Grooming Set prop on display at the Omega Boutique on Regent Street in London, December 2017
photo © Jon

photo © Floris
Floris No.89 shaving soap in wooden bowl
photo © Floris

photo © Floris
Floris No.89 shaving soap in wooden bowl (with latest packaging design)
photo © Floris

photo © Floris
Floris No.89 shaving soap in wooden bowl (previous packaging design)
photo © Floris

photo © Taylor of Old Bond Street
Taylor of Old Bond Street Lavender Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl
photo © Taylor of Old Bond Street

James Bond likes to do certain things the old-fashioned way, including shaving with a 'cut-throat razor' and getting soap from a wooden shaving bowl. In SkyFall (2012) we see Bond using a wooden shaving bowl and brush and razor blade.

A wooden shaving bowl is used to hold shaving soap. With a brush, the soap is then applied to the face before shaving.

The brand of the bowl in the film was not known for a long time, until recently two Bond fans identified the bowl and brush after they saw a prop display of the original items at the Omega boutique on Regent Street, London.

The first thing that the prop display showed was that the bowl is actually black, not bare wood-colour as most other shaving bowls from Bond related brands (see below of a list of alternatives).

The shaving bowl is actually from Geo. F. Trumper, the gentlemen's barbershop on Curzon Street that Ian Fleming frequented. The bowl is from their Eucris range. Eucris is also mentioned (read more) in the Ian Fleming James Bond novel On Her Majesty's Secret Service, so this might be a nod to Fleming.

For the film SkyFall, the large Eucris label on the lid of the bowl was probably removed, as it's not shown on the bowl in the prop display (see photo).

Buy the black shaving bowl at ($28), (£22) or at the Geo. F. Trumper boutique or website.

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The prop display seems to be definite proof that Bond uses a black Geo. F. Trumper bowl in the movie. Below you can find a selection of Bond brands that also offer shaving bowls. 

Floris, the luxury fragrances store on Jermyn Street in London, would be an appropriate choice as well since Floris toiletries are mentioned in three Ian Fleming novels and Floris No.89 Eau de Toilette was a personal favourite of Ian Fleming. The Floris soap in the bowl is available in three different scents, including the No.89 scent. Get it on the official online store, or on Amazon UK or USA.

Another option is the Taylor of Old Bond Street shaving soap in wooden bowl. You can find those on Amazon UK, or Amazon USA. The mock croc grooming box and aftershave seen in the prop display photo are both from Taylor of Old Bond Street.

Other times we see Bond shave include the movies Die Another Day (Norelco/Philips shaver), Live And Let Die (Schick razor and soap) and Goldfinger (Gillette razor).

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Does anyone have any idea as to the brand of the straight razor? Thank you in advance.
I have the Floris JF shaving soap and it provides the smoothest shave I've had It leaves a wonderful fragrance on the face -I don't need aftershave It's expensive but looks to be very long-lasting
I don't know the brand, you could try asking here and see if anyone knows?
I asked Floris, the Bowl is the 89 shaving Bowl. When you like, it's in the sale.
The brush looks to be a Kent badger hair shaving brush
The razor and brush are from Thiers Issard travel set and the soap is Jermyn Street. Bond is the reason I picked up straight shaving.
The bowl just looks like Geo. Trumper's shaving soap bowl. Moreover, Bond using Trumper Eucris. A straight razor should be any Sheffields types.
now it's confirmed...indeed a trumper's bowl cheers

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