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Swatch 007 Villain Collection

Swatch 007 Villain Collection
Swatch 007 Villain Collection
photo © Swatch

Watch maker Swatch released a collection of watches in 2008, drawing inspiration from 22 James Bond villains. The watches are each designed to reflect the personality and style of one or more evil characters from some of the most well-known James Bond films. The separate watches are still available on eBay and in some stores, but the limited edition set (read more below) is very hard to find. Below the text you can see all the available watches including the name of the villain associated with the watch. The Swatch 007 Villain Collection includes watches for Christopher Walken's malicious Max Zorin, Gerd Froebe's Goldfinger, Lotte Lenya's Rosa Klebb and Mads Mikkelsen's Le Chiffre.

According to Nicolas Hayek, founder and head of the Swatch Group, nicknamed Dr. Swatch, 'Omega is James Bond's watch of choice, but real villains prefer Swatch'.

Special Swatch James Bond Villains Box Set
Swatch has produced a James Bond Villain limited edition collection box that pays tribute to the 22 James Bond films emphasizing its villains (see large image above). The collection is limited to 222 numbered units. The set contains not only all 22 James Bond villains watches but also an Illustrated James Bond Encyclopaedia and an autographed picture of Mr. N. G. Hayek and Villain actor(s). Limited to 222 Numbered Units Worldwide this set is already a collector's item.

Official press release
Dr. Swatch Plays Bad Guy to Bond, James Bond
Has Swatch gone over to the other side? In a surprising and provocative move, the mischievous maker of Swiss fashion watches has aligned itself with the enemies of the world’s most famous gentleman spy. “We’ve discovered the dark side of the myth,” said Nicolas G. Hayek, also nicknamed Dr. Swatch. “And we love it. It’s absolutely fascinating.” To avoid any possible misunderstandings, the notorious inspirator of the plastic Swiss watch hastened to explain his intentions: “James Bond would not exist in Ian Fleming's novels and all the Bond films if strong, powerful villains were not also there. The villains and their henchmen play a crucial role. And if Bond is alive and well today, it is thanks in no small part to the inspiration and enduring power of his enemies.

Indeed, the fascination with Bond’s adversaries has inspired an entirely new collection, due for release in early September. The Swatch 007 Villain Collection is a tribute to the entertaining villains who light up the dark side of twenty-two James Bond films, from Dr. No to the forthcoming Quantum Of Solace. The Swatch 007 Villain Collection evokes the most memorable of Bond’s adversaries. Who can forget these outlaw heroes, armed to the teeth and dressed to kill? From stylish Dr. No with his metal hands to Oddjob and his deadly bowler, they’re villains Bond fans love to hate.

Swatch is no stranger to special outlaws, in sports for example, and their borderline behavior. The brand is a prominent supporter of outstanding athletes and performers in the special “outlaw” free-style disciplines that test the limits of the sporting experience. From Geraldine Fasnacht to Mat Rebeaud, free-style skiers, X-boarders and free runners, Swatch embraces all special “outlaw” performers.

The Swatch 007 Villain Collection pays tribute to outstanding outlaw actors, too: Christopher Walken’s malevolent Max Zorin deserves his stylish Retrograde; Gerd Froebe’s Goldfinger gets a massive, golden Irony THE Chrono; Lotte Lenya’s Rosa Klebb wields a pair of knuckle-dusters welded to an Irony Lady. And in homage to Casino Royale, poker-faced master of malice Mads Mikkelsen (alias Le Chiffre) takes an Irony Big with an Ace of Spades. There’s more, of course, but the curtain won’t rise on the Villains for another few weeks...

Wrapping up his comments with a mischievous smile, Nicolas Hayek, founder and head of the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watchmaking group, put on his corporate hat: “Omega is James Bond’s watch of choice, but real, interesting villains prefer Swatch.”

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Having been a Swatch stockist, and proud of it, I found the original set of 007 watches to be a good seller, however, the villains failed.
Now i work for a chain of 4 shops, we tried the watches in all outlets. The first one to go was to my 7 yr old son who is mad on Bond. It took another two months to sell another. I still think we have only sold about 6 out of the collection, clearly indicative that the line was not popular in our area.

I love the collection - got the 'Jaws' watch as a present last Christmas and worn it every day, looks great with a suit or with jeans/polo shirt. A little bit of Bond (the 007 engaving on the strap finishes it off a treat)for those fans who can't afford to go out and spend £2k+ on an Omega or Rolex.

I would love to know where to find these watches. Im a huge 007 fan and the watches look really cool. Hope to hear from you soon.



Superb. I want to have all as i have all bond movies collection.

If you head to Piz Gloria, you can actually buy some limited edition Bond Villain and Bond watches. Got one for a present and they LOVED it

I would be interested in how to obtain some of the other watches specifically the thunder ball or Jaws.

I have 2 of the Casino Royale the Le Chiffre models. So if someone is interested I would sell the extra it has never been opened or worn.


I have the complete collection that I picked up for $4,000. Its pretty neat. It came with the whole set listed here as well as this fat book of all the villains and insider stories from the set, an autographed picture of the late-founder Nicholas Hayek of Swatch (who is shown throwing Odd Job's hat), and Jaws autograph (he is shown biting the links on the band of the signature watch). There were only 222 of these ever made so I snagged them when I saw em! My wife about killed me! Each watch was numbered on the back. It comes in a wooden crate and has a leather box that they come housed in. I would be willing to sell them if someone made me an offer of more than I paid. You can contact Chris at

Hi, I'm desperately looking for the 'Le Chiffre' swatch. I would like to buy this model from you, if you are still selling this model.
hi if anyone has the james bond 007 odd job watch and wants to sell it or know where i can buy it please please let me know been looking for so long with no luck
I have the james bond 007 odd job watch if anyone is interested. new battery, worn once, basically like new.
Hi, dear, still have the odd job watch? I want it! Please let me know if you can sale to me, thanks a lot!
I would love to have an oddojob watch? Used is ok. Thks
I have the jaws edition watch, worn by my grandfather... it is for sale if anyone is interested???/...
Anyone interested in official James bond 007 Swatch watch aluminium collectors briefcase that was issued in a limited edition INCLUDED ! the entire collection of the James Bond Swatch watches (20pc)?
Yes interested. email me at
I have the Jaws and Zao watches brand new in box. Please let me know if interested. Tlappfamily5 at gmail dot com
If anyone ist still interested: I am selling a Swatch Irony The Chrono "James Bond 007" ODDJOB / GOLDFINGER (YOG102) with original wrist band and case. Can be sent as registered parcel. I can send pics upfront
Hi , I'm selling a Swatch , model Inspired by "Javs", from movie " The Spy, Who Loved Me ". The watch is in perfect conditio, because i bought it for collection, and from 2008 it's still new. I'm collectionaire and big fan of 007 from Poland.I can send it to Europe , or another part of the world, bu t it's very important to me , to sell it to another collectionaire.
Hello, I am interested by the goldfinger oddjob. Please let me know if you are still salling and how to proceed. Thank you Regards, BD
I have the odd job watch , the Hugo Drax, the Emilio largo, the general orlov, the Aris Kristatos and the Baron Samedi watches all in never worn untouched condition, looking to sell
A big bond fan and I would be interested in buying any of these that are available, anyone selling one can email me at Thanks
I am looking for a whole collection, anybody selling?
Hi, I have the limited edition (# 029/222), and I interested in selling. Are You still buying? Regards,
Hi, I have the odd job watch used. If anyone is interested
Is the baron Samedi Swatch still for sale?
Hi I have the full James Bond 20 swatch watch collection in aluminium 007 carry case. Also includes the swatch catalogue. All watches unused. I am looking for around £3,500 for the complete collection. Please get in touch if interested. I'm in the UK .
Hi There, Im looking at getting a few in particular the Emilio largo, oddjob, Jaws, Lechiffre. I may even buy the whole collection. Please let me know or house got broken into my husband had a few and he is shattered they all got taken, he never got a chance to wear them
Selling a Baron Samedi watch on eBay UK - excellent condition & will post worldwide
Hi I have live and let die swatch watch also general orlov and licence to kill all in original boxes ,as not a great fan of watches I would like to sell,any offers.
Hi Noel Did you sell your James Bond watch and case collection?
I have the entire James Bond collection, still in the boxes, along with the aluminium case, also still in the box. Looking to sell.
Bonjour. Je vends le coffret Villain collection numéro 143/222 avec toutes les montres en état neuf (jamais portées) au prix de 4000€. Contactez moi si vous êtes intéressés. Je suis en France. Les frais d'expédition seront à la charge du vendeur.
Hi I have the left chiffre swatch, it is still in original unopened box, it is brand new never been worn, would anyone be interested in buying it, all offers considered
Hi, I'm selling General Orlov, Le Chiffre, Dominic Greene. All brand new, never worn, in their original box.
Hi , I have the whole collection , never worn . Contact me if you are interested.
Hello Elsa, Do you still have the whole collection? If yes, I'm interested in. What do you want to have for it? Do you have also the original boxes? Kind regards
I would to order swatch steel strap for The Swatch 007 Villain Collection (Max Zorin)
Looking for whole collection. Any offers out there??
I have the complete collection that has never been out of the box. A very cool set of watches, with the "Sanchez" watch being so good that I had to buy that separately just so that I could where it! It came with the whole set listed here as well as this fat book of all the villains and insider stories from the set, an autographed picture of the late-founder Nicholas Hayek of Swatch (who is shown throwing Odd Job's hat), and Jaws autograph (he is shown biting the links on the band of the signature watch). There were only 222 of these ever made and I managed to get hold on one of the sets when they were first issued. It comes in a great looking wooden crate and has a leather box that they come housed in. Serious offers considered.

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