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Puma Training Suit, SIS shirt

Daniel Craig as James Bond wearing blue training outfit in SkyFall
Daniel Craig as James Bond wearing blue training outfit in SkyFall
photo © Danjaq LLC, MGM, United Artists
photo © Prop Store
Puma Training Suit, SIS shirt. Adidas shoes, as offered at the Prop Store Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction in 2020
photo © Prop Store

photo © Prop Store
SIS logo details of the original SkyFall training suit and shirt.
photo © Prop Store

In the movie SkyFall (2012) James Bond (Daniel Craig) wears a blue training outfit. Bond wears the training suit when he returns to MI6 after being shot in the line of duty, and undertakes a series of physical, psychological and combat tasks to prove he is fit for service.

The outfit consists of a tracksuit jacket from Puma and trousers and a long sleeve blue t-shirt.

The blue Puma tracksuit has a zip front and the SIS (MI6) insignia stitched onto the left breast pocket with silver thread, as does the blue muscle-fit T-shirt.

The tracksuit trousers have a zipped pocket on each hip. A blue Puma logo appears on the side of the arms of the jacket.

AdidasThe outfit is completed by a pair of Adidas Gazelle II training shoes in blue and light blue stripes.

One of the screen used outfits was offered for sale at the Prop Store Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction in December 2020.

sis shirtAffordable Alternative
In 2021, another, new online store called SIS Training Gear (an unofficial fan site not related to the real SIS), offers a great selection of jackets, shirts and trousers with the SIS logo, very close to the one seen in the movie. 
Visit the SIS Training Gear website


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Hi. Any idea what sweatpants James Bond is wearing along with the PTI jacket?
If anyone has the answer, I'm interested too.
Just looked at the JSC website and they are now offering their version of an SIS embroidered jacket.
Please let me also know which sweatpants JB was wearing.
The site now embroiders the SIS logo on the jacket. On the menu bar, select 'Other'.
OK guys, Joint Services Clothing have now digitised the new crest, they are still refining it but have it on the jacket, the inner layer and a polo shirt. As this is the run up to Christmas please bear with them, all orders will now have the new crest. Can't wait to get mine.
Please find out what sweatpants jb was wearing the training scene along with the pti jacket!!!
Pretty sure the pants he wears when training are Adidas Fitted Track Pants,en_CA,pd.html Merry Christmas all!
Word of warning for anyone here thinking about ordering items from Joint Services Clothing, I waited over two months for a dispatch notice from them, and all emails I send them were ignored, phone calls went straight to voicemail, without reply. After opening an issue with Paypal about my order with them, they did not get any reply from the seller as well and refunded my account. I'm not sure whats up with jointservicesclothing, but I'd advice everyone to not do business with them.
DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM JOINTS ERVICE CLOTHING: I second Wouter Brinkmans comment. In Feb 2015 I ordered top and bottoms. It's now June and nothing. I sent a ton of emails - no reply. I've called several times, no one ever answers. I emailed my issues to the contact on their paypal account and all I got was given false promises. The problem has now been handed over to mastercard. Shoddy service. Do not buy from these people at all unless you feel charitable to bunch of scammers.
hello..i am interested in buying a long sleeve shirt but i am not sure which one is the same with the movie.(winter or the other one)could you please help me?i will appreciate that.
Beware of this goods received as of yet. I am now claiming my money back through Paypal.
I saw these comments after I ordered PTI jacket and drill trouser. And then I asked about my shipment information to paypal because the seller didin't respond to my e mail. But a few days later paypal get the information from the seller and I could track the package. It took about 2 weeks to get the item and in my case the item's condotion was fine. Although I got the item safely, some people still have problem concerning shipment and others. But I'm sure that they are in business so far. And about the quality, it is not bad but the color of jacket and drill trouser are a little different each other.
It takes a month to be delivered and some items are missed, but I could receive the items. Off course,I claimed to refund for missing items through Paypal and had refund immediately.
I am french and i made 3 order in this shop ,I contact shop with my very bad English they gave me answer and I received all order without problems. And when I look price and quality it is right I will be buy nextime in this shop if I need.
Very poor experience with Joint Services Clothing - I received a shipment notification and then no replies to emails, no goods ever delivered. Got money back through PayPal resolutions process.
Recently ordered the Baselayer, PTI Jacket, Baseball Cap and Holdall from Joint Services Clothing. It all came just under 2 weeks of me purchasing. When I rang the customer services to chase up my concerns of potential delays after reading reviews on this website. The team assured me that the office has changed as they have had several incompetent staff members that have been ignoring emails and calls in the past. They told me it does take some time as each item is individually embroidered, but for a little wait the items were more than worth it for me! Really good quality and I will definitely be shopping there again.
just found out that my father purchased a jacket from joint services clothing for his trip to London in November to date they either dont answer there phone or emails and give false promises. so I have advised my parents to lodge a dispute with there bank but I will not stop there. i will have discussions with the police, companies house & trading standards office, no one should buy from this company that is run from a house
Hi, I got my SIS Training top from the guys at SIS Training Gear yesterday and I love it. Thanks for sharing!
Love this gear!

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