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Zippo releases James Bond lighter line

26 September, 2017

Famous American lighter producer Zippo has released a new line of lighters inspired by James Bond 007. A wider collection of Zippo lighters dedicated to James Bond poster art is set to launch later this year, in time for Christmas 2017.

The full selection of lighters is available on and

Zippo Dro No in box

The lighters are officially licensed, thanks to a deal between Zippo and EON Productions, brokered by IMG Licensing.

Zippo 007 james bond spectre logo open

All Zippo 007 lighters, with distinctive Zippo "click" come with the Zippo lifetime guarantee that "It works or we fix it free™". The lighters are all metal and the windproof design works virtually anywhere.

The Zippo James Bond range of lighters currently consists of 6 different designs, all based on the 007 logo.

Zippo James Bond Lighter collection 1

Zippo James Bond Lighter collection 1

Zippo James Bond Lighter collection 1

You can find the new Zippo lighters online at, (slightly cheaper),, or try your local Zippo retailer.

Zippo Lighters James Bond 007

Zippo in James Bond novels
James Bond the character only used a Zippo once, in the novel Live And Let Die, when Bond is in America and acquires "a plain Zippo lighter". Zippo lighters are mentioned a few other times in Ian Fleming Bond novels. In the From Russia With Love book, Russian General G. lights a pack of Moskwa-Volga cigarettes with "an American Zippo". In the Goldfinger book, Mr. Du Pont "sat down opposite Bond and produced cigarettes and a plain gold Zippo lighter". Fleming continues to write that "Bond affected not to notice the offered lighter. He disliked held-out lighters."

Other 007 branded lighters
In 1996 Zippo also released 007 lighters with movie posters and a brass (gold colored) lighter with 007 logo.

zippo 007 james bond lighter 1996 collection

Shop display of the 1996 Zippo set of lighters with movieposter designs
Photo by Monkey's Lighter site

A few years later, in 1999, French company Bic released a set of 12 lighters with movieposters. This Bic collection can still easily be found on eBay.

bic lighters james bond

Bic James Bond 007 lighter collection
Photo by

French luxury brand S.T. Dupont offered 007 branded lighters in their 2004 (007), 2006 (Casino Royale) and 2015 (SPECTRE) collections.

ST Dupont 007 Lighters James Bond

S.T. Dupont made 007 lighters from 2004 - 2015

The S.T. Dupont SPECTRE lighters are still available, although hard to find online. On eBay there is always a selection of S.T. Dupont Bond lighters.

Thanks to Frank Anderson for the alert

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Well, you left out the Colibri. They made the lighter for 'Man With the Golden Gun' and made a replica version that was sold to consumers.

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