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Crockett & Jones Norwich

photo © Crockett & Jones
Crockett & Jones Norwich in black calf leather
photo © Crockett & Jones

photo © Crockett & Jones
Crockett & Jones Norwich with Dainite studded rubber soles
photo © Crockett & Jones

James Bond (Daniel Craig) wears black Crockett & Jones Norwich shoes in many of the scenes in SPECTRE, including the Mexico opening sequence, London and the Morocco Oberhauser lair scene.

The Norwich in black calf is lace up derby shoe with straight toe cap, made from the finest calf leather with Dainite studded rubber soles.

Price: £455 / $660 at Crocket & Jones

Update 2023: The Norwich model has now been discontinued from the C&J Retail Collection, but they are still able to produce this style through the Crockett & Jones Special Order service.

With these Norwich shoes, Bond mostly wears Tom Ford suits, neck ties and shirts.

The complete list of Crockett & Jones shoes worn by Bond in SPECTRE are the Camberley in black calf (worn in Rome funeral and car chase scene), Alex in black calf (probably worn with the Tom Ford tuxedo), Norwich in black calf (worn by Bond in the Mexico opening sequence, possibly in London and in the Morocco Oberhauser Lair scene), and the Radnor boot in black calf (during the meeting with mr. White). The appearances of the Northcote derby boot in black wax calf and Swansea derby shoe with wing tip design in dark brown suede (both provided to the production by C&J) are not yet confirmed.

In SkyFall (2012), James Bond wears no less than 4 different Crockett & Jones shoe models, the Alex (with the tuxedo), Highbury (in London), Islay (in Scotland) and Tetbury (in Turkey).

Crockett & Jones - Mail Order
With shops in London & Birmingham, New York, Paris and Brussels, Crockett & Jones is able to offer its many customers the expert personal attention which ensures that their choice of shoe fits perfectly. Crockett & Jones holds detailed size and fitting records of all its regular customers, which helps to verify the exact size requirements.

For those unable to visit the Crockett & Jones shops, they offer a comprehensive mail order service for purchasing Crockett & Jones shoes, belts and accessories. Through this service you may also return shoes to Crockett & Jones for a full repair at the factory.

UK Mail Order Service
please click here to contact the Royal Exchange shop in the City of London for further details and prices or phone 0044 (0)207 929 2111.

USA Mail Order Service
please click here to contact the shop in New York for further details and prices or phone 001 212 582 3800.

FRANCE Mail Order Service
please click here to contact the Chauveau-Lagarde shop in Paris for further details and prices or phone 0033 144 940 174. Click here for French Mail Order policies.

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I bought a pair of the C&J Norwich in black from the Birmingham store recently. Customer service is excellent, the shoes amazing and I would recommend them to any Bond fan. They make any feet look stunning!

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