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Bennett Winch SC Holdall

Bond Lifestyle receives Secret Mission from SIS


Today, a special package was delivered to me. A large envelop containing a small Sony ICD-TX50 IC recording device and printed photograph of a bird (a Swallow). On the back of the photograph is handwritten (read more below the photo).

greetings from innsbruck james bond

Greetings from Innsbruck, Remmert.
Spied this fellow building his nest unusually high in a tree. I believe that means the snow will be better here this year. Including a recording of his lovely little song for your enjoyment.
Do with it what you will.
Cheers, J

remmert secret mission bond

Then, when I turn on the recording device, one audio file was already on there, an 18 second recording of the chirping sound of a bird.

20 112 251 215

The name of the file is 50-112-251-215. This might not mean much to the untrained eye, but to computer nerds this looks immediately like an IP number. Typing the number as an IP address in your browser (with dots in between, like this: suddenly shows a very interesting website! Access to the website can only be granted to someone with the audio file. I want to share this with you!

sony audio player james bond

The name and performer of the song are also mentioned on the audio device: "Barn Swallow", "Jonathan Jongsma" (that looks like a dutch last name) and the "2012v9m28d 8:40 AM" which is probably the date that the file was added (28 September 2012 at 8.40 AM) 

Download the audio file below and try to enter the special website! You will need all your agent skills to enter and pass the test. Are you up for it?

Download or play audio file (tip: download the audio file onto another device like a mobile phone so you can play it for SIS audio recognition)

Share your experiences or ask for support on this Forum Thread!


What do you mean? An African or European swallow? Choose your next witticism carefully Mr. Bond, it may be your last ;)
European Barn Swallow, Sky Full Society. That's pretty clever, I admit.

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