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Omega Seamaster 300M Co-Axial 2220.80.00

photo © Omega
Omega Seamaster 300 M Diver Chronometer 2220.80.00
photo © Omega

The Omega Seamaster Professional Diver is worn by Daniel Craig in his first Bond movie Casino Royale (2006). He wears the stainless steel 41mm with blue face, blue bezel on a stainless steel bracelet, model 2220.80.00. The watch doesn't have any special Q-features, unlike the Seamaster watches worn by Pierce Brosnan in his movies.

The watch is now only available on second hand market places, online for example at Chrono24 or on eBay, where it seems relatively rare, compared to the older Brosnan-era Seamasters. The original price was around $2,800.

- Steel on Steel
- Reference: 2220.80.00
- Caliber: Omega 2500
- Self−winding chronometer
- Co−Axial Escapement movement with rhodium−plated finish
- Power Reserve: 48 hours
- Domed anti−reflective, scratch−resistant sapphire crystal
- Stainless steel case
- Case diameter: 41 mm
- Blue dial
- Water resistant down to 300 m / 1000 ft
- Date
- Chronometer

Omega made a Limited Series version of this watch, modelnr 2226.80.00, read more about that watch here.

In the same film, Bond also wears an Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Big Size.

Pierce Brosnan was de the first to wear an Omega Seamaster watch in the Bond films, first a Quartz and later the Automatic version.

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If Bond knew anything about watches he would go for Blancpain or A&P. Omega.. he could have been a true Royal Air Force agent and wear a Breitling!

He always had much better taste for clothes and cars.

i own the 2220. i have been after this watch for about 10 years, and finally managed to get it just before xmas 2007 (note the relevance to 07) It is a fantastic watch which draws attntion everywhere.My specific was the requirement for a genuine reliable diving watch. I have had it down to 40m so far, and its reliability is excellent. treated fairely, the mineral glass is pretty much scratchproof, being a jeweller, it takes me no effort to take scratches off the strap which justifiably can be charged up to £60 to repair.
All in all well worth every penny spent and has now put my other 14 watches into a locked draw!!.
if you haven't got one, get one.

If you don't want to spend the whole $4000.00 get the quartz model, I purchased the 2223.80 (Mid-size) and got it for just over $1600.00 CDN shipping taxes and duty included. The mid-sized is a little smaller faced but still very heavy and solid feeling. I love it!

I bought this watch for my boyfriend as a Christmas present a couple of years ago. He loves it. It is a wonderful, functional piece of art. Very nice.

this is one of the best watches I have owned. I originally purchased it due to Casino royale. Quality and beauty all in one package.

Bought mine 22268000 six months ago, last one ever in Mexico. Even the price is high, its worth it all the way. Since day 1 hasnt gone out of my wrist.

Catches a lot of looks and never fails to impress.

If you can still get one, dont doubt it for a minute, its not an expense its an inversion.

it is a great watch. but doesnt he wear the plant ocean with the black bezel and rubber strap more than the blue face? omegas the best watch ive owned.

In Casino Royale, Bond does sport two different models of the Omega Seamaster. He wears the Planet Ocean model during the first part of the film, and during the latter part (from train sequence, where he first meets Vesper Lynd while travelling to Montenegro), he wears the "official" Bond-watch, the Seamaster Professional 300M.
All in all, the ëscreen timeí for each version of the watch is probably close to 50-50.

Guys I saw this watches on a store, It's an amazing piece. But I dont have $4000 or $5000 to pay for one of those... So I search opn the web and I get this web site with a great replicas that I saw and are almost the same thing. Weigth, Serial number, Everything is one of you guys want to get one check the web site. By the way... It says Diamond Replicas just in case!!!

The Web site is

I recently purchased the Seamaster 300M Chronometer, ref no. 2220.80, the latest Omega Seamaster version, as worn by Daniel Craig in the latter half of Casino Royale.

Itís a seemingly perfect timepiece for any occasion, complementing my ëlookí when Iím at work in a three piece suit, but equally at place on my wrist when Iím at a casual get together with friends.

It is a beautifully crafted, well weighted watch, an instant classic which will never date. With that in mind, I look forward to presenting it as a gift to my 12 month old Son, when, years from now, he turns 21. You can do that with an Omega, you canít do that with many other watches.

I have had my Seamaster 2221.80 for three months now and have to say it is a beautiful timepiece. OK it is the quartz model but it still feels very special and i love to wear it whenever practically possible. The 2221.80 is the full size watch with the blue wave engraved face. You can wear the watch for formal occasions and when you have your scruffy jeans and tee shirt on - it looks great whatever you wear. In my opinion, a timeless classic - its been around for some years now but its contemporary style and superb finish will mean it will not date - buy one!

I have the 2542.80 model (the very first model worn by Pierce in Goldeneye, but with the Silver bezel). This watch is 13 years old and it performs better than most of my newer watches I own. Keeps such good time that I can set it to the atomic clock and it keeps up pretty good. Love it love it love it! I'm an OMEGA customer for life now!

He isn't in the Royal airforce, he's in the Royal Navy..
I bought the item in Geneva in 2010 and it is still like new, though I wear it everyday, including sports, hiking etc. Apart from technical perfection it is extremely stylish and can be combined with both, good suit (black tie is an exception, but well, how often do you wear it?) and casual wear. Real value for money.
James Bond character is a Commander in the British Royal Navy,according to reality the British Navy order the Omega Diver model for hes personal,so James Bond will likely not wear ever a Breitling
Daniel Craig started his tenure as James Bond wearing this 2220.80 Omega SMP and ends his tenure wearing the No Time To Die titanium SMP. It comes back full circle. I still have the 2220.80 that my wife got for me 9 years ago. Still looks good and still going strong!
The 2220.80 was my first luxury watch and it was of course its appearance in Casino Royale which brought it to my attention. I bought it in 2008 and it remains my favourite watch till this day. It wears so comfortably and matches almost every dressing style, casual or business attire. Wearing the SMP with a dinner jacket really gives you this special hidden Bond moment.

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