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Zara Youth shirt

photo © Andrea Mattiazzo
Zara Youth 'enjoying death' shirt
photo © Andrea Mattiazzo

photo © Andrea Mattiazzo
Zara Youth shirt collar and flower pattern
photo © Andrea Mattiazzo

In the movie SkyFall (2012), James Bond (Daniel Craig) wears a Zara Youth shirt with flower pattern. Bond wears the shirt when he is 'enjoying death' on a remote beach, playing drinking games. He still wears the shirt when he shows up in M's apartment in London, drinking Macallan whisky. The shirt, which became known as the Enjoying Death shirt, was already unavailable during the release of the film, but sometimes the shirt can be found on eBay.

Bond's "Enjoying Death" look is completed with the leather Levi's Vintage Clothing 1930s Menlo jacket, Topman grey pants and Zara boots and either a bottle of Heineken beer or The Macallan whisky in his hand.

Thanks to Andrea Mattiazzo for the photos

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Here is one in XL up for sale on eBay, listed today 17/02/14
No Its not I've just bought it. Paid far to much for it, but I'm happy.
how much?
The Zara Youth Shirt, how much is it & do you also have the shirt from Casino Royal

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