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Anderson & Sheppard Short Sleeve Knitted Henley Shirt

photo © Mr Porter
A white Henley shirt with two buttons
photo © Mr Porter

photo © misc
Daniel Craig on the set of No Time To Die in Matera, Italy
photo © misc

photo © Anderson & Sheppard
The costume department used a long sleeve Anderson & Sheppard Henley shirt as pictured above and cut the sleeves for the film.
photo © Anderson & Sheppard

photo © misc
Daniel Craig wore Anderson & Sheppard suits when he received his Walk of Fame star in Hollywood (left) and during the World Premiere of No Time To Die (right)
photo © misc

In No Time To Die, James Bond (Daniel Craig) wears a white short sleeve Anderson & Sheppard Henley shirt in Matera, Italy under his blue Connolly jacket. A Henley is a type of t-shirt with a collarless neck with buttons.

The Anderson & Sheppard Henley shirt is off-white, linen, and it has two buttons at the henley neck.

The casual outfit is worn by James Bond when he is having a good time with Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux) on a romantic trip in the small Italian city.

The short sleeve Henley is the same shirt that is worn by Madeleine Swann when she's in the hotel bed with Bond and when she's standing on the hotel room balcony.

In the same film, Bond wears a long sleeve Henley from Rag & Bone, but that is a different brand and shirt.

Henley shirts (long and short sleeve) are offered by virtually every brand, find an affordable selection on Amazon, or more high end brands on Mr Porter or Harrods.

The linen Henley t-shirt in off-white has mother of pearl buttons and short sleeves. The shirt worn in the movie was actually a long sleeve version of the shirt, but the sleeves were cut by the costume department. The Long Sleeve version is available at Mr Porter (on sale).

Anderson & Sheppard now offer a short sleeve linen Henley t-shirt in off-white for $305 / £215 (currently on pre-order). This shirt is slightly different from the screen worn shirt, especially in the sleeves (watch David Zaritsky's breakdown of the difference in his The Bond Experience video here), but it's the most accurate version of the shirt that is available.

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Complete the outfit
The Matera Romantic Outfit includes the Connolly blue jacket, grey Massimo Alba corduroy trousers, a black Massimo Alba belt, the Drake's Moc-Toe shoes also worn with the Matera Chase Outfit, and an Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra watch.

Daniel Craig Anderson & Sheppard suits
Daniel Craig wore a suit by Anderson & Sheppard when he was honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on 6 October 2021. Craig wore a bespoke double-breasted Anderson & Sheppard blue suit.

Anderson & Sheppard also made the pink velvet dinner jacket that Daniel Craig wore to the No Time to Die premiere on 28 September 2021.

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I think this may be from Anderson & Sheppard. Their Henleys are with two buttons and they make a short sleeve version (though apparently not currently in white, though the long sleeve does – Additionally, DC wore the long sleeve for a photoshoot with Billie Eilish which could be a clue...?

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