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Seiko H357 5040 Duo Display

James Bond receives a message on his Seiko H357 watch: COME IN 007

The Seiko H357 5040 Duo Display digital wristwatch was worn by James Bond (Roger Moore) in the 1981 movie For Your Eyes Only. This is the third movie in a row in which James Bond wears a Seiko digital watch.

The watch is worn by James Bond from the pre-title sequence on, but only the bracelet can be seen. It's not until he checks the map in his white Lotus Esprit Turbo that we see the watch case on his wrist for the first time. Bond wears the watch throughout all the following scenes until he searches for the ATAC in the Neptune submarine with Melina Havelock, when he wears a Seiko Golden Tuna diving watch. During the action on St Cyril's mountain he wears the Seiko H357 once again.

And it's not until the final scene that we see a close-up of the Seiko watch, when Bond and Melina are making out on her father's yacht, he receives a message which shows in red digits on the digital display, which reads "COME IN 007". Bond then takes off the watch, and puts it next to the parrot. The watch has the honor of being in the last shot of the fil, after the parrot drops it in the water it sinks to the bottom of the sea.

The Seiko H357 5040 quartz watch, modelnumber WHV005, has both an analog screen and a digital screen (ana-digi watch). The correct movie watch has "alarm chronograph" printed on the dial, a black 'bezel' around the dial with four screws. Note that the watch seen in the film has been slightly altered: the prop makers added a black plastic part on top of the watch, with Seiko logo and vertical 'audio' lines - this part was probably taken from a Seiko A159-5009 (find on eBay). The caseback of the watch features a round speaker through which we can hear Q talking when he messages Bond in the last scene.

The Seiko H357 5040 watch is, like all the Seiko's used in Bond movies, quite rare. Beware of sellers on eBay offering similar Seiko models, claiming it to be the Bond watch, but there is only one correct model Seiko H357 5040, and that is the one pictured here.

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Seiko was once again mentioned as a partner in the closing credits, but this time as "Seiko Time (UK)" (as opposed to "Seiko Watches" in the previous two films).

Seiko released ads and promotional material featuring For Your Eyes Only artwork to promote this and other Seiko watches.

Roger Moore as James Bond wears many Seiko watches in his Bond films.

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Seiko H357 5040


I have owned this watch since 1981 but cannot wear it as the strap is broken.
Excellent watch and still modern today.
Has anyone out there got a bracelet or spare links.
Unforunately Seiko no longer do spares for this watch which is shamefull as it must now be a collectors item.

I've got an H357-5040 that I've had since new in 1982. The seal on the backplate is now defective and it has lost both its function buttons. I'm not sure if these can be replaced? But the casing and bracelet are both fine, and it still tells the time! If it can't be repaired, is anyone interested in buying it for 'spares'?
I have the Seiko "For your eyes only" watch, which I've owned since 1982. It's not in perfect working order, as the left hand buttons are not the originals, and are a bit sticky in operation. But it is undoubtedly fixable. No longer wanted............anyone interested in buying it?
How much do you realisticaly want for it? Thanks
Hi, I had that watch but I lost it ... how much for it in good fuction ...
Hi Roy Do you still have the watch?
I have 2, one of them in NOS condition
I've a Seiko H357 5040. Just changed the battery. Great condition. Very light wear. Buttons , bracket all original. Collector. Actually wearing it today. Location. New York City.

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