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Persol 2720

James Bond in his Aston Martin DBS wearing Persol 2720
James Bond in his Aston Martin DBS wearing Persol 2720
photo © EON, Danjaq LLC, MGM, Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Releasing
photo © Persol
Persol 2720, tortoise frame and green lenses, color code 24/31
photo © Persol

photo © Persol
The Limited Edition special case
photo © Persol

Screenshot of the 2720 Bond page on the Persol website in 2006/2007

In the movie Casino Royale, James Bond wears two pairs of Persol sunglasses. At the start of the plot, Bond wears a Persol metal frame: Persol 2244. In the second part of the story after experiencing a number of adventures, James changes to Persol style 2720 (tortoise shell frame and green lenses, color code 24/31).

The link between Persol and James Bond is celebrated by a Limited Edition of Persol 2720, personalized by the "Casino Royale Limited Edition" signature on the temple, held in a special case featuring James Bond 007 logo, all contained in a precious black box featuring the Casino Royale theme and logo. This version was available in 200 pieces only and exclusively sold at (US market) and at Persol store in Los Angeles (CA - USA).

The same special case, featuring the James Bond 007 logo, is also available worldwide in optical shops and department stores for Persol 2720.

Style Persol 2720 is characterized by a sophisticated design that reinterpreting the heritage of Persol. The model incorporates all the comfort and detail elements that distinguish the brand, including the two Meflecto metal cylinders on the arms and the steel SUPREME arrow on the hinges. The lenses are available in non-polarised or polarised and photochromatic glass. A wide range of color options provides a choice of elegant and classic hues alongside novelty acetate palettes such as 24/31, a warm turtle with green lenses. This style is also available in total black, with Meflecto and cylinders in metal. They come with or without Polarized glasses, this can make quite a difference in price. In addition, there are two sizes of this pair available, so be sure to order the correct size, or visit your local glasses centre and ask them to adjust the width of the temples to get that perfect fit.

The glasses are currently not produced anymore but can still be found on for example eBay.

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About Persol
Persol, a name aptly derived from the Italian 'per il sole', meaning 'for the sun', is a brand with a rich heritage of manufacturing excellence, attention to detail and a perfect marriage of technology and design. Persol glasses owe their prestige to a number of patented features. First and foremost the MEFLECTO system, consisting of tiny cylinders (two to four) inserted by a craftsman like process into the temple arms to render them flexible, thereby assuring maximum comfort and snugness of fit. Then there is a SUPREME ARROW, which is both a functional component and the company's unmistakable signature logo. And last but not least the LENSES, always made from glass of the finest quality. To this day, Persol relies upon exclusive production processes that carry forward a long tradition of excellence, coupled with an authentically Italian vocation for stylistic and technological design innovation.

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Just purchased a pair of these sunglasses from (through which I have purchased 2 other pairs of sunglasses over the years) and received them today. The quality is impeccable, and eyesave has many color/lense options available. I had no idea, but my pair came in a Persol case with the James Bond 007 logo on top, a neat surprise as there had been no mention on eyesave that these were a special edition!

These are very high quality sunglasses. Mine arrived yesterday (22 October 2007) and I am very pleased. They definitely have an Italian flair and they are stylish. I would recommend them. They might require fit-adjusting, which your local Lenscrafters can take care of, as they market Persol sunglasses. I purchased mine from, however. These are an excellent product.

Why is it that despite the fact that the 2244's are shown much more prominently in the film, is the 2720-s being marketed as the limited edition James Bond sunglasses?

I mean... The 2720's appear only for a split second in two scenes, while the 2244's are shown much clearly, are for obviously much longer time periods.

I find these sunglasses extremely comfortable and they block out UV rays exceptionally as well. Most of the time I forget i have them on because they are so comfortable. The only downside is that when I wear them for extended periods of time they leave red marks on the bridge of my nose.

when i took these off the set of casino royale i was thrilled because i look like 2million buxk with them on

Keep in mind if you're looking for the 2720, there are two different sizes. So if you think one is too small or vice versa, make sure to try the other!

I have just received my pair of Persols 2720 from FramesDirect and they look superb! I must say I am very happy with FramesDirect, as I managed to obtain the right combination of turtle frame/green lenses (saw that several other on-line providers only had brown lenses) and had a very fast delivery even if my shipment was overseas.

found this by chance both styles at the following website,

I didn't even know about the connection of Persol with James Bond until I received a voucher in the mail from Sunglass Hut and went along to spend it.
I ended up buying some Persol style 2279-S and for some reason they put it in a James Bond Persol case. Maybe the girl gave me the case by mistake? I'm not sure.

Anyway, the 2279-S are quite close in style to the 2244.

Once I found out about the Bond connection, I wanted to buy some of the 2720's, too. I went to the store and found a pair of 2720's with the 24/31 lenses as well.
I was all gung-ho to buy them, but...I dunno, they don't really look that good - not on me anyway.

To me it lacks style - just a couple of brown rectangles over your eyes. Maybe it suits others better, but what I'm trying to say is try them on first and see if it suits you. Don't buy them just because they are the "James Bond sunglasses". Buy something that looks stylish on you - I'm sure the real Bond would.

These are my first Persols but will not be my last. Absolutely beautiful design and materials superbly crafted. These could make any man feel like James Bond!

I love my 2720's in black (I have very dark hair, so the tortoise wouldn't do)

Persol was also favored by Steve McQueen; Daniel Craig reminds me of the late American actor in his subtle, but powerful screen presence.

Oh My God - these are by far the best sunglasses I have ever owned.

My brother managed to snag a CR edition pair from framesdirect for me for x-mas.

The quality is unsurpassed.

WAY BETTER THAN THE 2244s which I also have.

Like them so much I'm going to get them in black as well.

If you are considering these - go for it - great buy - worth the money.

Hi Guys

What size do you recommend - have you tended to go for - 57 - 16 - 34.6 or 60 - 16 36.1.

I have the 2244 & they are 63 - 17.


I recommend the Persol brand over the Tom Ford any day of the week. Unfortunately the poduction department figured it would be a better idea to switch from brands set in stone whom have been around for decades to a gay (and when I say gay, I mean homosexual) label with outrageous sideburns possibly because they could consolidate wardrobe expenses. Persol, Slazinger, Brioni and Sunspel for example, are all wonderful companies with a very nice variety of looks that match up perfectly with Craig's Bond. As David Zaritsky said, the Tom Ford cardigan is the best "investment" out of the Tom Ford collection, and in my opinion, the only worth while one. If the Quantum look isn't your thing, a HUGE variety of Raybans, Oakleys, Gucci and Persols can be found eBay for less than $100. Amazing deals ar everywhere on that site, you just have to know where to look. Good luck.

Excellent, stylish pair of sunglasses. Not a sunny day goes by without wearing them. I love the way they feel on my face. After hours of wearing them sometimes i forget they're even there.

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