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The Bond Brain - Quantum of Solace

21 May, 2013

So there’s no mistake, we are not dealing with the movie here, we are dealing with Ian Fleming’s short story. It has perhaps the least excitement of any of his Bond tales - it’s all basically a story about a married couple’s downfall being told to Bond in a stodgy Nassau country club by an elderly civil servant. Yep, that’s it.

quantum of solace short story bond brain

Quantum of Solace is a short story from Ian Fleming's For Your Eyes Only

But, it has some good quotes we can use, especially when it deals with mate selection and mate ejection. By the way, the weird title refers to a level of comfort one has with a person, mainly a romantic partner. Yes, quantum of solace is a level of comfort.

Now you know.

So what does Bond tell us about his opinion about comfort at the beginning of the story?

“He was never comfortable sitting deep in soft cushions. He preferred to sit up in a solidly upholstered armed chair with his feet firmly on the ground.”

So much for his opinion on furniture, but it isn’t a bad metaphor for selecting a romantic partner. Illusions don’t last, passion fades, and what’s left better be solidly upholstered and on firm ground, or the relationship will not survive.

Now Bond in this story admits that he “had no intention of marrying anyone.” (This after Tracy). “If he did it would certainly not be an insipid slave.”

None of the Bond girls could be described as “insipid slaves” and your selection shouldn’t be either. Along with the looks you better have somebody who can read books, someone who is educated and street wise enough to get it. To be a partner with you on your missions. Otherwise, with a dummy for a damsel you will soon be searching for the ejector button in your Aston Martin.

And you should.

Bond observes “It’s extraordinary how much people can hurt each other.” Right O James, and having handled divorces for thirty two years in New York, I can attest to it personally.

So what is Sir James’ advice when the going gets too tough?

“Human beings are very insecure. When the other person not only makes you feel insecure but actually seems to want destroy you, it’s obviously the end. The quantum of solace stands at zero. You’ve got to get away and save yourself.”

Good advice. Relationships can grow evil very quickly, and staying in there to try to make things work or tough it out for the sake of the children—bad idea.

So be selective on whom you choose as your love interest, and if it becomes obvious that you made a wrong turn, make sure to let her off at the next stop.

That’s using the Bond Brain.

© 2013 W. Adam Mandelbaum Esq. -

Author of The Born Again Bachelor's Bible - Great tips for divorced or divorcing men
Member Association For Intelligence Officers
Former operative at NSA
Present New York Attorney

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Will never forget the story of QoS, always reminds be to take in my surroundings more and that every person has depth even if they seem boring.

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