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The Bond Brain - Casino Royale, Part 2

18 May, 2012

We continue our journey through the books to glean wisdom from the Bond Brain, and in this installment, we shall fill a rather sensuous but cynical basket of goodies from Casino Royale.

casino royale - the bond brain

Here goes.

“I take a ridiculous pleasure in what I eat and drink”

Bond confesses to Vesper, who was rather careless in choosing her last meal.

So should we take, the men who would be Bond, or who at least who would rather maximize the pleasure of everyday things. The alternative is not to maximize pleasure, and of what possible use is that to the non-masochist?

The wine connoisseur is seldom the falling down alcoholic, and the gourmet is not often the glutton. By maximizing the pleasure and awareness of what we eat and drink, we are minimizing the likelihood of overeating and over drinking. And even if this is not the case, it’s good to think this way to avoid guilt over our ridiculous pleasure that we take in what we are eating and drinking.

Thus, fresh coffee that you grind and then consume, not the bag full of pre-ground dust or heaven forbid—instant. In fact it’s good to avoid anything that’s instant, unless it’s instant gratification of course.

Fresh squeezed orange juice, not the boxed stuff that tells you “concentrate.” (Hell, it’s only orange juice, why do we have to concentrate?)

Make your hamburger yourself, from the good stuff, and really have it your way. Be careful in your selection of spirits also, drink the good hooch and save the rotgut for the duller of your acquaintances.

Since everything we consume will at one time or another be deemed to be carcinogenic by the medical establishment, at least let us be selective - pinkies in the air - while we dig and swig our graves with our teeth.

Get the photo? Good, now on to the cynical side of romance, courtesy of James.

“The lengthy approaches to seduction bored him as much as the subsequent mess of disentanglement.”

Now that’s the kind of sentiment that could put a big dent in Hallmark sales.

But think of the romantic events of your own life—assuming you’ve had some that involved other people. How often did you lay siege to a woman as if she were the castle of a feudal lord, only later, after having shall we say, “emerged victorious” to find that the prize was not worth the effort, and ‘twas time to bury this particular treasure in the past?

Read all about male female attraction, and you’ll find it happens right away, for the most part. Lust at first sight, if you will. When you consider the actual time involved in an orgasm, as compared to the time it might take you to be able to get to experience it with your amour du jour, you begin to think about the theory of conservation of energy, and what you could be creating with it other than this romantic interlude, which unlike energy, can be destroyed.

Most big deals don’t get made, most relationships end. So, when starting the old seduction game, ask yourself is the game worth the candle, when it is so likely that the particular candle will soon be blown out, and you’ll get wax all over your new suit.

Food for thought, perhaps to be chewed, spit out, or to take a ridiculous pleasure in.

The Bond Brain will be back in From Russia With Love.

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