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Bennett Winch SC Holdall

Credit Card Lock Pick and The Ultimate Lock Picking Guide

photo © FIC Enterprises
The credit card holds 4 picks and a tension tool
photo © FIC Enterprises

photo © FIC Enterprises
Credit Card Lock Pick set
photo © FIC Enterprises

photo © FIC Enterprises
Lock Picking Basics: The Ultimate Lock Picking Guide
photo © FIC Enterprises

There are no mysteries to picking locks. Anyone with patience, determination, and a knowledge of the mechanics of locks, can be successful in the Art of Lock Picking. The only Secret to this success is study, then practice, practice, practice.

Credit Card Lock Pick
This is a new credit card pick set! It contains 4 of the finest stainless steel picks ever made, and a double-ended tension tool of .035 spring stainless steel. There are 3 cavities in the base of the credit card that hold 2 pairs of picks with the tension tool in the middle. The card set is less than 1/8 inch thick and fits into the same space as a credit card! The Ultimate Spy Gadget!

The Ultimate Lock Picking Guide
This book makes learning the art of lock picking fun and easy. You don't have to waste your time guessing how it's done, reading some amateur's theories, or trying to learn from the movies (they always get it wrong). Now, you can get accurate information that the professionals use. Their secrets have finally been revealed. This is a great beginning guide to lock picking. Even if you already know how to pick some locks, this book covers tips & techniques that you can use. In order to successfully pick locks you must combine several skills into the art of lock picking. Each of those skills can be honed and improved with practice. Here, you will find exercises designed to enhance your lock picking abilities. If your profession demands that you learn lock picking, or you are just a curious amateur, you will find that it's an easy skill to learn with the proper guidance.

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Nice article thank you! i am a JB fan since my childhood... i have bought this credit card lockpick set on Amazon for only 9,90e and i am very happy to feel like James Bond haha :) Please continue with this blog, i like it !

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