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Wowwee Rovio

photo © Wowwee
Meet the Rovio, robot camera similar to Q's snooper
photo © Wowwee

photo © Wowwee
The Rovio
photo © Wowwee

Meet Rovio, the modern version of the "Snooper", the remote controlled surveillance machine from Q that can be seen in the Bond movie A View To A Kill.

Rovio is a WiFi enabled mobile web cam that lets you see, speak and hear from anywhere in the world... as if you were right there in the room!

Rovio enables you to:

  • Interact with your family, wherever they are
  • Check up on your office and speak with colleagues
  • Roam around your home to check on pets, etc.
  • Visit elderly relatives

Price: now only $135.95

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Can any spy blog or spy reference book be complete without a reference to James Bond. I am making a small attempt to note down some of the most exciting spy gadgets that I too would like to own.

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