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Walther WA2000 Sniper Rifle

Walther WA2000 Rifle

photo © Ares
Ares airsoft replica of the WA2000
photo © Ares

In the 1987 film The Living Daylights (starring Timothy Dalton) Bond is paired with a fellow MI6 agent to help aid in the extraction of a Russian KGB general. The Walther WA2000 is used to disable a snipers rifle. Bond is given the option between soft-tipped or steel-tipped (armor piercing) rounds, taking the latter as KGB snipers most normally wear body armor. Bond used the newer model of the WA2000 with the silencer type flash hider.

Extremely rare rifles, only 176 were ever produced. The WA2000 was originally set up with a .300 Winchester Magnum round but eventually Walther made a 7.62MM NATO version and finished up with the 7.5MM Swiss round. Its cost in 1988 was $9,000, but now you can expect to pay $80,000+ if you're lucky enough to find one.

Technical Details
Type: Semi-automatic Caliber .300 Winchester Magnum,
7.62 x 51MM NATO, 7.5 x 55MM Swiss
Length: 35.6"
Weight: 6.95KG
Barrel Length: 25.6"
Capacity: 6
Effective Range - 1000M

Airsoft models
Both Ares Airsoft (aptly named SR007, see image left) as Geneth make a replica WA2000 airsoft models. The airsoft models are available in the USA for $469, in the UK for £399 and Germany for €765.

1/6 scale models
On for example eBay and StoreRooms you can find 1/6 scale WA2000 Sniper Gun ($25) with night vision scope, view scope and magazine clips from Phicen. This gun is part of the Assassin Joanna model and Assassin Salina model from Phicen.

SG2000 (Bullpup 10/22 Replica)
IronWoods offers a replica of the WA2000, based on a Bullpup 10/22 for $950. More info on

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The information about how this weapon was used in The Living Daylights is slightly incorrect. Bond selected the armour piercing rounds as KGB Snipers usually wear body armour. He was tasked to take out the sniper in order to protect the General who was defecting.

Thank you for noticing the mistake, it has been corrected.

Nothing to do with Bond, but this is also the same rifle Number 47 uses in the game Hitman!

Actually, the description is wrong. Bond was there in a counter-sniper role. He chose the armor-piercing rounds allegedly because KGB *SNIPERS* wear body armor, not generals. He was there to protect the general, not kill him. The general was attempting (so they thought) to defect to the West.

Also, I believe the "can"-style flash suppressor is the older style. The newer one was more like a traditional forked type.

you can get the 7.62 for £5000 new or £1500 to £2500 used as a straight pull version (UK legal.
Its not that good. The build quality had gone down with Walther products recently

Hmmm, could have sworn I posted a comment about this. Was my comment where you found the history links, Remmert? What a fascinating and mysterious gun. BTW, this gun is available for purchase at and all you need to do to buy one is sell your house! I bought my full German P99 from this site and just out of curiosity I asked how much these are going for...$80,000.

This is a fantastic rifle and one I wish I'd been able to at least test, but alas, I never had the opportunity. However, I was able to use a different British rifle system, the Accuracy International AWM - .338 Lapua Magnum version. The AI, is, in my opinion, the finest sniper rifle ever produced. If you ever have an opportunity to shoot an AI rifle of any variant, don't hesitate because I expect you will be as impressed as I was, and still am.

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