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Walther LP53

Walther LP53
Walther LP53
Classic image of Sean Connery as Bond with Walther LP53

Bond holding a Walther LP53 on a From Russia With Love poster

The Walther LP53 is a classic James Bond gun although it never featured in a Bond movie. The gun, with its distinctive long barrel was the weapon of choice for James Bond in many movie posters and promotional photographs. The story is that during a photoshoot with Sean Connery for From Russia With Love, the photographer volunteered his own Walther LP53, after the PPK wasn't available on the set.

The LP53 is an airgun and can only shoot little lead pellets (although with considerable force). The weapon is 'loaded' by opening it all the way (almost like breaking it in half), load a pellet and close it, building up the airpressure.

In the photos and posters, Bond holds a LP53 with a black grip, although a brown version was also available for this gun.

The LP53 gun can be seen in the following movie posters:

- From Russia With Love
- Goldfinger
- Thunderball 
- You Only Live Twice
note that each movie had different posters for different countries, so not in all posters can this gun be seen

The Walther LP53 held by Sean Connery as James Bond in a poster to promote From Russia With Love was sold at the Popular Culture: Film and Entertainment auction in 2010 for a staggering £277,250 (read more). On July 28th 2013, the gun is once again on auction, now at the Profiles in History Hollywood auction (read more).

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My father has one of these pistols; he bought sometime in the 50s. A couple of items about your description, the gun is a single-shot, not 7 rounds, and it fires .177 cal pellets.

The pistol doesn't "build up air pressure", breaking the pistol open cocks a piston against a spring. Pulling the trigger releases the piston, which the spring then runs in the cylinder pushing the air againt the pellet.
I really wish Walther would start production of this pistol again. I don't know if Walther realizes that the LP53 is still very popular here in the U.S., but it is and many people, like myself, would love to own one.

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