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Scene It? James Bond 007 DVD game

Scene It? James Bond DVD game

Different versions of the same game

Scene It? James Bond 007 Collector's Edition DVD trivia game includes Casino Royale

With the Scene It James Bond DVD trivia game, 007 fans can test their knowledge of their hero Bond... James Bond. The James Bond Scene it game spans forty years of fantastic scenes, gadgets, vechicles and villians.

The game is played using a DVD player and a board, although the board is not even necessary, you can just play the game while sitting back and relaxing on the couch. The game was first released in 2004 and a special Collector's Edition, which comes in a tin box, was launched in 2006, which includes clips from Casino Royale.

The game is still available on, and eBay.

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Hey I played the scene it James Bond edition I was wondering how dose it give you span gadget and cars I remember playing it 1 year ago and my grandma took my Skyfall phone that I got span it said sky fall she trick me into thinking it was makeup can u explain how it works love john

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