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For Sale: James Bond related License Plates

photos © Nathan Rigby
000 7S: a perfect James Bond License Plate for an Aston Martin DBS / Vanquish S / Vantage S car owner!
photos © Nathan Rigby

The James Bond-related registrations below are for sale. Send a message here if you are interested in any of the plates below.


00007S james bond license plate registration

000 7S: a perfect James Bond License Plate for an Aston Martin DBS / Vanquish S / Vantage S car owner!

Price: on request

db10 bnd license registration late uk

DB10 BND: This would look great on an Aston Martin DB10 or ZF8 Vantage.

Price: on request

oho7 mss license registration plate

OH07 MSS: This registration plate would look great on the Superleggera OHMSS special edition or original 1969 DBS.

Price: £11,290

jb07 ace plate for sale

JB07 ACE: The JB07 ACE is a nod to Casino, Poker etc. - the perfect licence plate for any Aston Martin but especially a DBS or Vanquish.

Price: on request

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera No Time To Die

ky12 kho

KV21 KHO - KY21 KHO: These two plates emulate the No Time To Die Aston Martin Superleggera plate (KY19 KHO). In that plate the 19 is a reference to the ‘year of filming’ while the plates on offer replace the number with "21" the  ‘year of release’ of No Time To Die.

Ideal for any Ceramic Grey or Black Superleggera owner who is a Bond / NTTD fan.

Price: on request

PR08 DBS license plate registration for sale

PR08 DBS: Formerly Sir Peter Rigby’s DBS Manual private plate. Can also represent public relations 08 being the year the DBS was launched.

Price: on request

n007 ttd license plate registration for sale

NO07 TTD: This plate is currently registered to a rare Bond 007 Edition Land Rover Defender, but could be showcased on the DB5, V8 Vantage (1985), Valhalla or 110 Defender.

Price: £8,999


If you're interested, send a message via the Bond Lifestyle Contact Form and your message will be forwarded to the seller.


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