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Ray-Ban RB4122

photo © Ray-Ban
Ray-Ban RB4122 601/71 (Glossy Black frame, Grey-Green lens)
photo © Ray-Ban

photo © Ray-Ban
Ray-Ban RB4122 601/8G (Glossy Black frame, Grey Fade lens)
photo © Ray-Ban

In the movie Die Another Day (2002), Miranda Frost (played by Rosamund Pike) wears a pair of black Ray-Ban RB4122 sunglasses. The glasses can be spotted when Frost is waiting for Gustav Graves to arrive at Buckingham Palace in London.

The glasses have a black frame (code 601) and the lenses are most likely grey-green (code 71) but could be grey gradient (code 8G). These sunglasses are currently not produced anymore by Ray-Ban, but can be found on some online stores and eBay. Other colors, including a red (code 735) framed version were also available and can still be found on or eBay.

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