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Ray-Ban RB4122

photo © Ray-Ban
Ray-Ban RB4122 601/71 (Glossy Black frame, Grey-Green lens)
photo © Ray-Ban

photo © Danjaq, Eon, United Artists, MGM
Miranda Frost (Rosamund Pike) wearing the Ray-Ban 4122 sunglasses when Gustav Graves makes his flying entrance at Buckingham Palace
photo © Danjaq, Eon, United Artists, MGM

In the movie Die Another Day (2002), Miranda Frost (played by Rosamund Pike) wears a pair of black Ray-Ban RB4122 sunglasses.

Frost is waering the glasses when she is waiting for Gustav Graves to arrive at Buckingham Palace in London, and again later in the film during the Icarus presentation in Iceland, when she really needs the sunglasses to shield against the rays of the Icarus satellite.

The glasses in the film have a black frame (code 601) and the lenses are most likely grey-green (code 71), but could be grey gradient (code 8G).

The Ray-Ban 4122 sunglasses are currently not produced anymore, but can sometimes be found on eBay, and on Amazon (USA and DE).

ray-ban alternativeAfforable Alternative
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