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JAMES BOND By A.B.R. Barlach

JAMES BOND By A.B.R. Barlach for men

JAMES BOND By A.B.R. Barlach for women

Launched by the design house of A. B. R. Barlach in 1997, JAMES BOND by A. B. R. Barlach is classified as a flowery fragrance. This feminine scent posesses a blend of: fresh, exotic florals blended with citrus. It is recommended for daytime wear. The scent is available in a blue bottle, the Men's version, and an orange version, for the ladies.

For the ladies, there were several products available: Eau de Toilette 150ml, Le Parfum 150ml, Bath & Shower Gel 150ml, Body Silk 150ml, Eau de Toilette (mini) 4ml.

For men, the following products were available: Eau de Toilette 50ml, After Shave Lotion 100ml, Eau de Toilette (mini) 4ml.

The perfume is not used in a Bond movie, but it makes a nice gift. Currently only available on eBay.

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Guilty as charged. Some times I make a purchase just because it has a Bond name. This was one of them. I assure you this does NOT have a manly sent so if you are looking for something to wear in the boardroom then buy Royall Lyme but don't buy this. If you want a relativelly inexpensive collectable that looks "cool" on your bathroom vanity then this isn't a bad way to spend a few duckets.

where can i buy in mexico the james bond eau de toilette for men? thanks
I had the BLUE version. The Blue version had different notes, including Thuja, Petitgrain, etc. It was masculine but didn't smell Bond-ish. It smelled like Desire Blue and rancidness.

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