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Globe-Trotter No Time To Die Vulcanised Fibreboard Luggage

Globe-Trotter suitcases in the trunk of James Bond's Aston Martin DB5. Note that the green cases are a little different from the Vulcanised No Time To Die Collection

James Bond (Daniel Craig) has three Globe-Trotter suitcases in the trunk of his Aston Martin DB5 in No Time To Die (2020) when he and Madeleine Swann arrive at their hotel in Matera. The pieces are taken out of the trunk by porters of Bond's hotel in Matera.

Two pieces are green vulcanised fibreboard, and there is one carbon fibre model (read more about that model here).

There's also one Globe-Trotter Riviera Centenary holdall bag.

Globe-Trotter released a No Time To Die suitcase collection, consisting of a cabin size trolley, larger trolley and a special carbon edition trolly, inspired by (but not the same) the cases in the film.

The actual cases in the film were made especially for the film and are slightly different (read more below and compare images on the left).

Differences with suitcases in the film
Looking closely at the suitcases from the film (which can be seen in the top picture with the DB5 trunk, and some spy photos from the set), it shows clearly that the Green Vulcanised Fibreboard cases seen in the film are NOT exactly the same as the No Time To Die Collection cases. In fact it's quite a different model.

  • film green cases have a more classic suitcase design, with a small 'lid' and bigger bottom part, while the large Collection case are split in the middle.
  • film green cases don't have wheels, while collection cases are trolley cases
  • film small green case doesn't have black leather straps, while small trolley does have two straps

Compare below (click to enlarge image). The film cases can be seen in spy shots on the film set and in the promotional Aston Martin DB5 trunk photo.

Compare globe-trotter cases no time to die

It is unfortunate that for £1905 (check-in size) or £2222 (bigger case) you don't get the same suitcase as in the film, but the color and material is the same. And the quality, details and finish of these cases is incredible.

Update 2022: the actual, unique screen-used cases will be auctioned by Christie's during the 60 Years of Bond Auction in September 2022.

Check-in Size Trolley Case with 4 wheels - Ocean Green/Black

The body of the large case is made from vulcanised fibreboard with black leather corners. The large case comes with 4 wheels with extendable wooden rowing handle, 2 leather handles and a pair of locks with keys.

The case has an extendable handle, two internal webbing straps on the lid and base as well as an exterior centre clip for additional security for the lid.

Size: 81 x 48 x 25cm (W x H x D) - Depth including handles
Capacity 78L

Price: £2,222.00 at Globe-Trotter, Mr Porter and UNCRATE (USA and world).

Carry-On Trolley Case with 4 wheels - Ocean Green/Black

The Carry-on Trolley Case is Globe-Trotter’s most popular size, as most airlines will accept it as carry-on luggage.

It features 4 wheels with extendable wooden rowing handle, 2 leather handles and a pair of locks with keys. Interior includes 2 webbing straps and a plush faux suede lining.

Size: 40 x 55 x 21cm (W x H x D) - Depth including handles
Capacity: 34L

Price: £1,905.00 at Globe-Trotter (add Initialling for £125), on Mr Porter or get it at UNCRATE (USA and world).

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Luggage tag

A classic black luggage tag embossed with the No Time To Die logo can also be purchased separately.

Globe-Trotter No Time To Die luggage tag black leather

This classic black luggage tag has been embossed with the No Time To Die logo to celebrate the launch of the forthcoming film.

The Centenary Luggage Tag is handcrafted in Hertfordshire from vegetable tanned leather with stitched details and an embossed Globe-Trotter emblem. Available for personalisation in-store.

Price: £110 at Globe-Trotter or at Harrods (UK) or Mr Porter (UK / $150 USA).

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Globe-Trotter has provided suitcases for the Bond films SkyFall (Stabilist case) and SPECTRE (brown suitcase) and has created a special 007 line of suitcases.

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