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David Linley letter knife and tray

photo © Christie's
David Linley Letter knife and tray as seen on M's desk in Quantum of Solace
photo © Christie's

Thanks to the Christie's Bond at 50 auction in 2012, we know that a David Linley letter knife and letter tray were on M’s desk in Quantum of Solace (2008). The auction sold the letter knife and tray including a prop letter, envelop and a note. The letter tray can be seen on M’s desk at MI6 headquarters when Bond calls MI6 to namecheck Dominic Greene.

The prop envelope is addressed to "Head of MI6 Security Service, Division 00, Unit 001, Po Box 1300, London SE1 1BD" and is completed with postmarks.

The prop note inscribed in black ink in an unknown hand reads:

Guy Haines,
The matter concerning project foxlatteo no longer stands.
Please advise all to propose new livery details asap.

The estimated price on the auction of these items was £800–1,200 / $1,200–1,800 / €900–1,300, but in the end fetched £7,500.

Currently, these exact items are not produced anymore by David Linley, but a very similar letter knife can be found in the David Linley Garrick desk set, and a paper tray can be found in the David Linley Tambour desk set.

In the same office, we can spot Interstuhl chairs, Bene furniture and a Louis Polsen table lamp.

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