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Bollinger James Bond Champagne Cooler

photo © Bollinger
The Limited Edition Bollinger Champagne Cooler comes with a special bottle of Bollinger 1999
photo © Bollinger

photo © Bollinger
Packaged in a wooden box, the whole set weighs over 50 pounds and has a recommended retail price of €4000
photo © Bollinger

Champagne Bollinger has been the champagne of choice for James Bond in many films. To celebrate the release of Quantum of Solace, Bollinger released a limited edition champagne cooler in the shape of a bullet.

The concept is that of the bullet of a gun (in the spirit of the Walther PPK), lying on a carbon covered base. This bullet, which has an impressive size (about 65cm) contains a magnum of Bollinger 1999 dressed in black and silver. Once the magnum is released from its cradle, the inside of the bullet converts into a set of compartments in which a modern gentlemen can store his personal accessories. The bullet closes with a leather garnished key. Only 207 copies of this collector’s item, each individually numbered, will be produced. One of them will be auctioned to raise money for an international charity.

Packaged in a wooden box, the whole set weighs over 50 pounds and has a recommended retail price of €4000 (about $5400).

A small keyring and cufflinks in the shape of a bullet and the word Bollinger engraved were also available at the time.

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I am looking for one of these. If you have one to sell, message me at nickdunnebacke at gmail
Dear Sir, If you find one of these champagne coolers please would you let me know, or if you come across the 2007 Skyfall Bollinger kind regards Jonathan gleeson
Hi I have a bottle of 007 2009 in immaculate conditions,never even touched after I got it. Let me know if u interested.
Hello i have one
Bollinger James Bond Champagne Cooler / looking for one of these

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