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Angels & Bermans Leather Jacket

photo © Bonhams
An original jacket at the Bonhams auction from March 6, 2007
photo © Bonhams

photo ©
An original jacket which was for sale at
photo ©

photo © MGM
Pierce Brosnan making his way out of an arms bazaar in the L-39 Albatros plane
photo © MGM

The original leather jacket, as worn by Pierce Brosnan in Tomorrow Never Dies, was created by Angels & Bermans. That company was also responsible for the production of a jacket in GoldenEye.

The jacket can be spotted in the openings scene when Bond infiltrates the terrorist arms bazaar on the Russian border.

Thanks to Frederik and David for the alert

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Summer Essentials 2024


This is a very well made coat by Wested Leather Company.

It is cut true to the screen worn coat, and collar and pockets are correct.

This coat is available in the original dark brown horsehide leather than my coat is made from. The zipper is heavy-duty brass YKK, and is full length. The sleeve buttons are attached with a second smaller button on the opposite side of the material. The lining is a dark brown satin and makes donning and removal very easy.

This coat is HEAVY. Not burdensome, but you'll know you are wearing a hosehide coat during your day to day activities.

The belt of the coat should be a bit wider, maybe a centimeter or so. It looks a bit thin on my coat compared to the movie coat.

The arm holes are cut a bit low as is the movie coat. This causes the jacket to ride up on you while raising your arms above shoulder height. Brosnan wore the belt loosly while filming scenes wearing this for ease of movement. For normal activities, you can cinch up the belt and be perfectly comfortable wearing it.

If you're commandering trucks and stealing jet aircraft for a living, wear it a bit looser.

The coats are generously cut and available in regular S-M-L sizing. Order your normal jacket or coat size.

Wested Leathr did an outstanding job with this coat. It's authentic when ordered in the horsehide, and you could always request the belt be made a bit wider.

Get yours today!

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