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Sean Connery's original Walther PP gun from Dr. No for sale

10 November, 2020

James Bond's first Walther gun, used Sean Connery in Dr. No, will be auctioned at Julien's Auctions on 3 December 2020.Update 4 December: the Sean Connery Walther PP sold for $256,000 at the auction.

Sean Connery Walther PP auction Juliens

Julien's Auctions Icons & Idols Trilogy: Hollywood, catalog cover
© Julien's Auctions

If you think that sounds familiar, you might be thinking of a Walther PPK that was about to be offered in December 2018, but was quickly withdrawn after the provenance of the item was questioned.

This new offering by Julien's is a different gun and this one is the real deal.

James Bond uses this hero weapon throughout the film and helped to establish and define the character that has been featured in books, films, and other media for the past nearly six decades.

The weapon is referred to in the film as a Walther PPK by M (Bernard Lee), but in actuality the production used this Walther PP .380 ACP.

One of the two Walther PP weapons used by James Bond in Dr. No

One of the two Walther PP weapons used by James Bond in Dr. No
photo © Julien's Auctions

The silhouette of the Walther PP and PPK has served as the key iconic image for the character of James Bond since the film franchise debuted with Dr. No, and this deactivated handgun was the first of all that followed.

The Walther on offer is one of two employed in the film. The prop was identified by the original film armorer, BAPTY in the UK, who had it until they sold it at the official BAPTY Archive auction in 2006.

It has since been archived in the collection of that buyer for the past 14 years. The weapon includes a Certificate of DeActivation and a letter of provenance from BAPTY.

Walther PP used by James Bond Sean Connery in Dr. No

Walther PP used by Sean Connery as James Bond in Dr. No
photo © Julien's Auctions

The Julien's Icons & Idols Trilogy wil now offer the deactivated gun on Thursday, December 3rd, live in Beverly Hills and online at

The auction will include more than 500 other movie artifacts taken out of the vault and production archives of Hollywood's greatest films from the Golden Age of Hollywood to today's modern and new box office classics as well as pieces rarely seen or coming to the auction block for the first time, celebrating the famous and influential from film, television, stage and more.

The Bond Walther is expected to fetch up to $200,000, according to the Julien's auction house.

Update 4 December: the Sean Connery Walther PP sold for $256,000 at the auction

More information and bidding on

The catalog can be ordered at Julien's website as well.

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