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Unique Duesenberg 007 guitar for David Arnold

23 September, 2022

James Bond collector and fan Chris Distin has worked together with 5 times Bond film composer and Grammy winner David Arnold to design a guitar for David to play at the 60th Anniversary James Bond Concert in the Royal Albert hall in London on the 4th of October 2022.

David Arnold has been using Duesenberg guitars for many years, so Chris Distin, who works at Duesenberg, proposed to create something unique for this very special occasion.

Duesenberg guitar david arnold james bond

Duesenberg 007 Guitar for David Arnold
photo © 
C.Distin/Duesenberg Guitars

The guitar, a 'Paloma' model, features the official James Bond Gunbarrel logo on the body, standing for 60 Years of Bond 1962-2022, and the original 007 gun logo on the headstock as a hommage to the original designer of the logo, Joseph Caroff, who designed it in 1962 as part of EONs letterhead.

The 007 guitar has a solid alder body, maple neck and nickle plated hardware and three pickup layout featuring our GrandVintage Humbucker and two matched Duesenberg Singlecoils, Pearlito and AlnicoBlade, offer a wide variety of sounds for any situation. The four pickup combinations are accessible through a new 4-Way rotary switch. All of that is topped off by the acclaimed Diamond Deluxe Tremola, Pearloid Diamond fretboard inlays and a beautifully shaped body contour.

dusenberg 007 guitar james bond david arnold

Duesenberg Guitars has made one guitar for David Arnold and another one for EON, who will be selling it for charity after the concert in London.

The guitar that David plays on the night will be signed by the artists and by Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson and will be auctioned by Christie's in the auction which ends on the 5th of October 2022.

david arnold duesenberg guitar royal albert hall

David Arnold has been using Duesenberg guitars for many years.
photo © Andy Paradise

Duesenberg guitars have not only made guitars for artists connected to James Bond, such as Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell, Adele's Band and Sheryl Crow's Band, but also some of the greatest bands and artists of our era, including The Eagles, The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan to name just a few.

Chris Distin is known for his impressive James Bond collection which includes many original props, costumes and production items. Some of Distin's collection is currently on display at the Spy Museum Berlin, Germany. Chris also works for Duesenberg Guitars, a world renowned Guitar Manufacturer, and fronts the band Moby's Dick.

Find out more about the Sound of 007 concert and read more here about Duesenberg Guitars.

UPDATE: the Duesenberg guitar played by David Arnold and signed by all artists at the Sound of 007 In Concert was auctioned at Christie's for £32,000.

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