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Rare SD Studios 'From Russia With Love' Attaché case for sale

19 August, 2016

A very rare SD Studios replica of the 'From Russia With Love' Attaché case has appeared for sale on eBay. The asking price is $30,000, for what some call the holy grail for Bond collectors.

SD Studios Attache Case From Russia With Love for sale

In From Russia With Love, James Bond receives a black attaché case from Q, loaded with gadgets that save his life during his mission. The case includes hidden knives, gold coins and .22 cailber bullets, a talcum powder case that releases a gas if the case is not opened in the proper way.

The original prop case used in the film was based on the design of an attaché case by Swaine Adeney Brigg.

In the 1990s a series of replicas of the Bond case was produced by SD Studios. These replicas includes many of the gadgets seen in the movie From Russia With Love.

SD Studios Case Attaché

Contents of the replica case:

1 Magnetic Talcum Powder Container

2 Daggers (one on each side)

2 Rounds of Ammunition

20 Gold Sovereigns (10 on each strap)

The SD Studios Limited Edition James Bond 007 attaché case replica is an official EON Productions licensed reproduction.

SD Studios attache case open From Russia With Love

The case on eBay is Limited Edition Number 53/100, but according to the seller only 80 editions of these cases were actually made.

SD Studios Attache Case From Russia With Love Limited Edition number

The replica attaché case is in near mint preserved condition, and comes with documentation papers: a message by Steve Dymazo, President of SD Studios, and Top Secret – Eyes Only (Memorandum Folder).

The attaché case replica measures 18½ x 13 x 5 inches (47 x 33 x 12.7cm) and comes in its original shipping box from SD Studios.

In 2011, a similar case, number 008/100 sold for $9,750 on eBay. The 053/100 case is now listed for $30,000 or best offer.

UPDATE Saturday 20 August: the asking price has been lowered to $25,000.

SD Studios created several high quality replicas of James Bond gadgets, including a detailed model of the Golden Gun.

Thanks to Frank Anderson for the alert

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Any idea what this sold for? I have number 003. It's signed by Q.
Are their any Companies planning to make a miniature replica of Scaramanga's Golden Gun...I am sure this would be a huge seller all across the world...If not would you be in a position to circulate my request to Companies who have the skills and expertise to make such a miniature replica... Best Wishes Euan Alasdair - Clark
Your article on the "Rare S.D. Studios 'From Russia With Love' Attaché case for sale" was my attaché case that I had listed on eBay. You can use my full name in your article to update it if you want to.

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