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Rare Gold-Plated Corgi James Bond Lotus Esprit for sale

23 October, 2019

Prop Store will offer a Limited-Edition Corgi 269 James Bond Gold-Plated Lotus Esprit, one of ten made for the premiere of The Spy Who Loved Me (1977).

Lotus Esprit Gold Plated Prince Spy Who Loved Me Corgi

The rare car will be auctioned during the Prop Store UK toy live auction on Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 November 2019. The toy collection on offer is expected to fetch in excess of £250,000. The auction is to be held at Prop Store’s UK headquarters in Hertfordshire, UK.

The estimated price of the gold Corgi Lotus Esprit is £9,000 - 12,000 ($11.5k-15.3k)

lotus esprit corgi gold plated in gold box blue base

Only ten 14 carat gold Lotus model vehicles were ever made and the first was handed out at the premiere of The Spy Who Loved Me on 7th July 1977 (the date is the most Bondian date: 7-7-'77).

The car is presented in a gold-coloured presentation card box.

The box of the car on auction displays the name "Prince Amyn Agha Khan", the previous owner of this item.

Corgi Gold Plated Lotus Esprit Limited Edition auction price

The gold-plated vehicle is mounted onto a blue and black display base.

Gold plated Lotus Esprit scale model Corgi auction blue plate base

A hidden drawer adorns the back of the base and contains bright orange missiles. Includes carded instruction diagram.

lotus esprit corgi model gold plated

The front of the base features a plaque reading "Presented by the METTOY CO LTD 7th July 1977".

Bidding is now open on the Prop Store website.

The auction also includes other James Bond related items, including other car scale models, and mny Star Wars and Star Trek lots.

See all items on the Prop Store website.

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