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Original Aston Martin DB5 back in England

26 March, 2008

On April 13th 2008 there is a very special event being held at Pinewood Studios: Goldfinger: The Reunion. Pinewood has been the centre of the British film industry since it opened in 1936 and home of James Bond since his first filmic adventure in 1962. This event is one of the few times the studio is accessible for James Bond fans.

For the first time in over 40 years the surviving cast and crew (aside from Sean Connery) will gather at the studio. The cast and crew will interpret how the film and a legend was created.

Typical for the movie is the famous Aston Martin DB5, complete with gadgets. The Aston Martin DB5 went on world tour in 1964 and attracted a great deal of attention everywhere it was shown. The car also showed up at the Royale Premiere in London and New York. Aston Martin even made a promotion film about the car and the world tour and the car was the star of two commercials.

Thanks to Bondstars, The Louwman Collection and James Bond Nederland, the James Bond Aston Martin DB5 will be making a return journey to Pinewood after over 40 years to be reunited with her Bondian designer Sir Kenneth Adam, and other cast and crew.

De Louwman Collection is one of the world's largest private car collections, and the oldest personal collection open to the public. Cars of Kings, Queens, Princes and potentates create a truly dazzling display of custom-made coachwork.

Sir Louwman has continued to expand the collection, which - because it is the expression of personal enthusiasm - has always been composed of a wonderfully eclectic selection of cars of historic significance from all periods of motoring.

The Louwman Collection is open from 21th of March to the last summer of October. The new museum, now constructed in The Hague, will open it's doors in 2009.

De Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger can be seen at this museum.

james bond limited edition omega seamaster

photo © James Bond Nederland brings the latest news from the world of 007, digital dossiers, and a two monthly digital magazine for his members with exclusive articles and interviews.

The organization is run by volunteers. They are responsible for the latest news, the dossiers and the magazine. They travel all over the world for several reports and interviews.

James Bond Nederland always asks permission to use text and picture for the website, the dossiers and the magazine. is the official representative of many actors, actresses and crew-members of the James Bond films. also organise the annual James Bond event at Pinewood Studios.

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