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No Time To Die delayed until October 2021

22 January, 2021

MGM, Universal and Bond producers at EON announced today that the movie No Time To Die is delayed until October 2021.

No Time To Die delay October 2021

It was already expected that the movie would be postponed and in recent weeks some rumours were getting stronger that a delay was imminent.

Today, the official announcement on reads: "No Time To Die will be released in cinemas globally on 8 October 2021."

The delay was not a big surprise and in a way this is good news as it looks like it's not going to be possible to have the Corona pandemic under control before April. By October, hopefully most people will hopefully be able to go to cinemas again.

Once again, I repeat my message from the last delay: this is not an easy decision for everyone involved, but I once again totally understand and support the decision.

We have to keep doing OUR part in getting the cause of this delay, the global pandemic, under control (for many more reasons than just the release of this film, obviously) so the whole world can experience the Bond film in cinemas in October.

The James Bond franchise needs the support of the fans. And I repeat my advice to just enjoy all the No Time To Die snippets, trailers, music, product releases, and re-watch the previous 24 Bond films and reading the original novels.

James Bond WILL return! Will it be in October 2021?

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Once again, totally agree with everything said above. I for one want to experience that bike jump and the viaduct jump from what we think is the pre-credits sequence on the big screen - not just on my TV at home via a streaming service. Keep up the good work. Keep the faith and stay safe. I'm sure it will be worth the wait.
This thing will flop and drag the entire Bond franchise down with it. #GetWokeGoBroke . Craig looks incredibly unhappy in this film and the woman that took the 007 code name is unbearable. Not to mention how leaked this film is already. Enjoy your masked film experience.

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