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New images from No Time To Die in promo video for Billie Eilish theme song

14 February, 2020

A 52 second promo video for the just released No Time To Die theme song by Billie Eilish gives us some beautiful new images from the film.

Watch the new trailer here:

We see James Bond (Daniel Craig) take off two different pairs of sunglasses, both by Barton Perreira, giving the brand some exposure after the Vuarnet Legend 06 and Edge 1613 sunglasses were prominently featured in earlier trailers.

The first pair 007 takes off is the Barton Perreira Joe, when he enters what presumably is an MI6 (related) office building in London after arriving there in his Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

No Time To Die promo james bond barton perreira joe sunglasses london mi6

This is the same pair of sunglasses that was already featured on the promotional photo of Bond walking in London with the V8 Vantage in the background.

Not much later in the promo video, we see some new shots of James Bond and Madeleine Swann in Matera, Italy and the Italian coast.

James Bond sunglasses Italy beach sea ocean No Time To Die tortoise frame barton perreira norton

James Bond takes off a pair of Barton Perreira Norton sunglasses with tortoise frame on the coast in presumably Italy, where he sees Madeleine Swann swimming in the sea, with dark clouds in the background giving an ominous atmosphere.

James Bond Madeleine Swann swim swimshorts Italy Matera

James Bond seems to wear black or dark colored swimtrunks when he walks up to Madeleine Swann.

No Time To Die Madeleine Swann swimming italy James Bond

A beautiful new shot is of Madeleine Swann laying the Matera hotel room and Bond looking at her from the large windows and balcony.

James Bond Madeleine Swann hotel room Matera Italy No Time To Die

Another amazing shot is James Bond standing at a graveyard in Matera, Italy, burning a note written on hotel stationery (Pallazzo Lucareschi) that reads "Forgive me". He's wearing his Matera Chase outfit (Massimo Alba suit and Drake's shoes).

James Bond Daniel Craig grave graveyard matera italy no time to die

There is also one new image of Rami Malek as the villain, looking even more intense than before.

Rami Malek Safin No Time To Die

Listen to the full James Bond themesong by Billie Eilish

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