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MI6 Confidential #16 & #17 out now

29 August, 2012

MI6 Confidential, the full-colour magazine celebrating the world of James Bond 007, returns with its sixteenth and seventeenth issue.

MI6 Confidential #16

MI6 Confidential #16 is a special collector’s issue of MI6 Confidential, celebrating the first 007 film, Dr. No, as it marks its 50th anniversary in 2012. Collected amongst these pages are original press materials used to promote the film and lure audiences to cinemas back in 1962. As nobody knew quite what an international sensation Ian Fleming’s spy would become on the silver screen, this issue is a fascinating snapshot in time just before Bond Fever hit.

mi6 confidential 16
Featured in MI6 Confidential #16:

  • His Name Is Bond - Sean Connery: from milkman to spy
  • Being Bond - In his own words, Connery reveals his approach to playing 007
  • The Man With The Platinum Hands - Meet 007’s first megalomaniacal foe
  • The Girl Who Has Everything - Swiss beauty Ursula Andress makes a splash
  • Danger Man - When the action heats up, veteran stuntman Bob Simmons stands in
  • The Women Of 007 - Meet the other ladies vying for Bond's attention
  • Commander Jamaica - The Dr. No crew discuss shooting on location
  • Hero Number One - Realising Ian Fleming’s imagination on the silver screen

MI6 Confidential #17

The Bond world is buzzing. With just a few weeks to go before SkyFall hits cinemas, we’ve seen the launch of film’s promotional campaign, the opening of the most exhaustive exhibition of 007 design, and Activision continually tease fans with a new look at their upcoming videogame, ‘007 Legends’. This issue covers all of the above, but the highlight might be the exclusive interview with stunt coordinator, Gary Powell, who spoke to MI6 Confidential about the SkyFall pre-titles sequence. Finally, we have just enough time to celebrate the French Bond girls of the franchise, as Bérénice Marlohe joins their ranks this year.

MI6 confidential 17
Featured in MI6 Confidential #17:

  • SkyFall Action - Exclusive interview with stunt coordinator Gary Powell
  • Entente Cordiale - Bérénice Marlohe joins a long list of French Bond Girls
  • All About Eve - Naomie Harris plays an MI6 field agent in Skyfall
  • 007 Legends - Activision lift the lid on their ambitious new videogame
  • 50 Years Of Bond Style At The Barbican - Take a tour of the new exhibition
  • Inside The EON Archive - Exclusive interview with Archive Director Meg Simmonds
  • Sunspel In 007 Heaven - Recreating James Bond's iconic shorts
  • The Bond Connection - Ex-Special Ops agent Aaron Cohen reveals Haywire's secrets

Issue #16 and #17 are now shipping around the world. To order online, visit

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