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Indian Trains chief rails against 007 stunt

06 September, 2011

India has asked the makers of the latest James Bond movie to change a stunt showing people traveling on train rooftops, saying it will depict the state-run railway in a poor light.

india train bond 23

"Rooftop travel is illegal in India and it cannot be encouraged," said railways minister Dinesh Trivedi. Many Indians seek to avoid paying for tickets by traveling on the roof.

Daniel Craig, who plays the world's most famous secret agent, is supposed to jump from a motorcycle onto a moving train roof packed with travelers and then leap to another equally crowded train top, according to the script.

Trivedi said 007 can perform the stunt - but only if there is nobody on the top of the trains. "Rooftop travel will not be shown," he said, adding that the government has also stipulated the filming "has to be safe and passengers should not be inconvenienced."

The railways minister said the original script may have led to an impression that rooftop travel is common in India.

"There are many trains in India and not all trains have people traveling on the rooftops."

The makers of the as-yet untitled movie - known currently only as Bond 23 - have agreed to the conditions, Trivedi said.

The film is to be directed by Oscar-winner Sam Mendes and will be shot in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and the resort state of Goa. Shooting is planned for February and March and the film is slated for release in November.

Trivedi also said he is pushing for the James Bond character to be used to promote the sprawling Indian Railways, still the country's main form of long- distance travel despite fierce competition from new private airlines.

"I have proposed that the spy says something like: 'Indian Railways is as strong as James Bond.' It is my suggestion," the Cabinet-ranking minister said.

The state-run railway is the country's largest single employer, with 1.4 million workers, and runs 11,000 trains carrying 19 million passengers daily.

The world's second-largest railway offers some adventurous journeys where trains chug through arid deserts, snowy Himalayan regions and across rickety British colonial-era bridges spanning mountain gorges and fast-flowing rivers.

Trivedi declined to say if the film- makers agreed to give Bond license to become cast ambassador for the creaking railway system, which is plagued by frequent crashes.

The last time a Bond film was on location in India was for the 1983 hit Octopussy with actor Roger Moore in the lead role.

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