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Hamilton reimagines PSR for The Matrix

02 December, 2021

The Hamilton PSR watch, which was based on the Pulsar watch worn by James Bond in Live And Let Die, is now available in a special Matrix Limited Edition.

Hamilton PSR MTX Matrix Limited Edition

Hamilton Limited Edition PSR MTX H52434130 with green LED digits is inspired by The Matrix

The Hamilton Limited Edition PSR MTX H52434130 is inspired by the original ‘The Matrix’ movie and released now in celebration of the upcoming new The Matrix Resurrections movie. The watch is available now for $995.

The new Hamilton PSR MTX is based on the Hamilton PSR watch that was released in 2020 (read more about that watch here or watch the unboxing), but it has a black case and bracelet and green digits instead of red.

Hamilton PSR MTX black pvd case green digits

Hamilton Limited Edition PSR MTX H52434130 has a black case and strap

Watch the beautiful promo video:

The MTX has green LCD numerals that light up when you press the button on the right.

Hamilton Limited Edition PSR MTX H52434130 green

The Matrix digital rain pattern is inscribed on the case back, with the other text like 'Hamilton', 'H52434130' and the limited edition number hidden in the letters.

Hamilton Limited Edition PSR MTX H52434130 case back inscription hidden text

You can spot the 'Hamilton', 'H52434130'  texts hidden in The Matrix digital rain pattern on the case back.

The rain pattern and green accents are also seen on the watch’s special packaging.

The MTX box features the Matrix rain pattern and green accents on the special packaging

The Hamilton PSR MTX H52434130 is available now at Hamilton, and limited to 1,999 pieces, in honor of the original film’s premiere date.

Shop at Hamilton for $995.

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About the original PSR
The steel / red digit Hamilton PSR was released in 2020 as a new version of the Pulsar watch, the first-ever digital watch. In the movie Live and Let Die (1973), James Bond (Roger Moore) wears a Hamilton Pulsar P2 2900 LED digital watch.

The stainless steel Hamilton PSR is still available at Hamilton for €695 / $745 / £675.

Hamilton PSR steel and gold

Hamilton PSR stainless steel (H52414130) and stainless steel coated with yellow gold PVD (H52424130)

A Limited Edition Gold version of the PSR (original price $995) sold out quickly and can now be found on eBay.

Hamilton is a brand strongly connected with watches in films. See more Hamilton watches in films on the website and see a list of Hamilton watches in Bond films here.

Buy the new collectible Hamilton PSR MTX Limited Edition on the Hamilton website before its sold out.

Also check out the well designed Hamilton PSR MTX website.

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