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Connolly adds James Bond t-shirts to collection

17 October, 2022

Connolly has added new James Bond t-shirts to their 007 capsule collection.

The 007 x Connolly Collection is inspired by 007 and Connolly's long association with the iconic Aston Martin DB5. Connolly Leather was used in the iconic car. In 2021 an exclusive capsule collection was released celebrating the release of No Time To Die. In that film, James Bond wears a Connolly Giubbino Jacket (£408 / $471) and a linen shirt (£275 / $314), both still available on the Connolly website.

Connolly giubbino jacket 007 linen shirt

Connolly Giubbino Jacket and a Linen Shirt as seen in No Time To Die

And now, in Fall 2022 when we celebrate 60 Years of Bond films, a range of white t-shirts with James Bond prints were added to the Connolly collection.

Connolly Spectre T-Shirt

Spectre T-Shirt £108 / $124 - shop now

Connolly Dr No T-Shirt

Dr. No T-Shirt £108 / $124 - shop now

Connolly For Your Eyes Only T-Shirt

For Your Eyes Only T-Shirt £108 / $124.00 - shop now

Connolly Live Let Die T-Shirt

Live Let Die T-Shirt £108 / $124 - shop now

Connolly 007 T-Shirt

007 T-Shirt £108 / $124 - shop now

Connolly Mr Bond T-Shirt

Mr Bond T-Shirt £108 / $124 - shop now

You can also still get the Connolly 007 Driving Gloves ($300), Connolly 007 Hex Passport Holder ($209), Connolly 007 Leather Keyring ($129), Connolly 007 Circuit Pouch ($366) and the Connolly 007 Anthracite Drop Back Car Vest ($281).

connolly 007 james bond merchandise keychain wallet gloves

Visit Connolly for the complete 007 collection

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