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Castore partners with 007 to create a James Bond collection


British sportswear brand Castore has partnered with James Bond for a new activewear collection.

Castore James Bond 007 Hybrid Hoodie, £85 / $100

Highlights of the new collection include the 007 Bonded Hoodie made from Castore’s innovative water-resistant fabric, the 007 Hybrid Jacket with stretch and quilted construction (a 007Store exclusive), and the gym-to-street 007 Stretch Chinos with a temperature regulating design.

Castore James Bond 007 Stretch Chinos, £105 / $123

Watch a 1 minute video about some of the 007 pieces:


Castore James Bond 007 Recovery T-shirt, £45 / $53

Castore (J.Carter Sporting Club Limited) is a British manufacturer of sportswear and athletic clothing, founded in 2015 and headquartered in Manchester, England. The company has sponsorship deals with football teams, cricket teams, rugby union teams and tennis players.

Castore James Bond 007 Beanie Hat, £40 / $47

The company was founded by brothers Thomas and Philip Beahon when they were 25 and 22 years old respectively. Created to bring a new level of performance to sportswear, the company’s mission is to build the lightest, most durable, highest performing apparel available.

Castore James Bond 007 Socks, $14

The brand utilise advanced engineering and smart fabrics to create the highest quality sportswear with specialist features to help to optimise athletic performance in all conditions.

Castore James Bond 007 Hybrid Active Jacket

The Castore James Bond 007 Hybrid Active Jacket is exclusive to the 007 Store.

Drop One of the Castore 007 collection is available now at (UK) and (worldwide), with some items being only available at one of these stores.


I would like get Castore James Bond 007 Beanie Hat,

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